Saturday 20 March 2010


I'm a bit anal.

Get your mind out of the gutter and put that thing back in the drawer, that's not what I mean.

I've never been comfortable going off topic here, but in this instance it's very much intertwined with all that has gone before, so I will declench and carry on.

I'm glad it's gone through in this category, as dodgy sperm, hand shandys, and all the rest of it is normally considered fairly personal. This is just another one of the pretty cool things that has come about as a result of writing all this nonsense in the last 12 months, getting mentioned as one of the 20 blogs to read by the Irish Times, getting to bloody write in the Irish Times, and even having a chat with Pat Kenny.

Weird, but cool, and all because of the wee minx across the landing who I'm trying not to awaken with my typing.

The awards take place next Saturday 27th March in Galway, and the other 4 finalists in the category are top notch.

Some of you may argue otherwise, but I'm the only owner of a set of testicles among them. I'm a token male. Story of my life.

The finalists are last year's deserved winner Annie Rhiannon, Fatmammycat who was one of the first I ever read, and the other two Queen Of Pots! and A Chick Named Hermia (which I can't not read as Hernia, sorry) were previously unknown to me but really do look impressive.

Good luck ladies, and enjoy the night.


Veronica said...

Congratulations and good luck!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Brilliant. Can we vote for you or anything? You've probably already let us know this but have been ill and then away and erm, the hamster ate my brother.
Hope all is well. :D

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I for one am not surprised... Good luck and as Jo Beaufolix has mentioned, let us know if we can vote..

Barbara said...

I keep reading her as "hernia" as well.

Well done, nothing more than you deserve.

Good luck.

Liz said...

Nice one.

Although, judging from your title I would have thought you'd be better off in the Gaming and Technology blog category.

Or have I totally missed the point of your blog all along?

Ms. Moon said...

SO proud of you. I am.

WhatAboutNovember said...

Cheers for you!

River said...

Good Luck.

SusanC said...

Connection is behaving for a while so I might get to post this time! Thanks for dropping over was nice to hear from you.

Your posts bring back a lot of memories of when my two were younger. Sometimes I've wondered if things weren't easier when they were 'playpen-bound' and I knew where they were all the time....then I look at your blog....heh heh.... ;)

Only joking....

Congratulations again and good luck on Saturday.....although....not TOO much know.... ;)

Dan said...

Good luck man!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Good Luck.

You've touched a lot of don't talk about getting anal because it will all start sounding wrong.


Jill said...

Congrats and good luck!

AnnB said...

Good luck and well deserved for a blog that fills my computer with hope and wonder in equal measure- will you make it to Galway?

Gail said...

You have to win. No-one else can write so that I laugh until I wee myself, have me up a height every month waiting for a 'visitor', tell all my friends that 'XBox' is having a baby, pace around the room waiting, and waiting and then grin like a proud aunt at the birth of new neice.

so when do we all get a signed photo?

Manuel said...

it's been a great weekend eh...a woo hoo for you and mr park too

AnnD said...

You deserve it, Fitz!! You are an amazing writer!

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK to very deserved to be honored like this...I do hope YOU win! Then again, you already have won with Sanne!

Martin said...

@Veronica - Thanks :-)

@Jo Beaufoix - Nope it's a judging thing. I wouldnt have the energy to pester anyone for votes.

@Chrissy - Aw thanks.

@Barbara - heh, thanks.

@womb for improvement - You wouldn't be the first!

@Ms. Moon - Cheers!

@WhatAboutNovember - yay!

@River - thanks!

@SusanC - hahah, I know what you mean. best of luck.

@Dan - Cheers

@livingrightnow - touched? nothing was proven.

@Jill/Twipply Skwood - thanks!

@AnnB - Thanks, won't be there even though I swore last year I would. A certainly small someone had other plans!

@Gail - awwww. on the wine again?

@Manuel - the look on the face of the pool fan beside me when 4 foot nothing Park headed that... priceless.

@AnnD - behave ;-)

@hotmamamia - how wonderfully cheesy!

Kori said...

you will probably win simply because you are the token male, NOT because you are worth reading. sorry to burst your bubble.

And I hope you know I am totally kidding.

Martin said...

@Kori - Oooooh....meeeouw ;-)

steph said...

Let this be the year when the IBAs justly reward your blogging talent!

'Nuf said.

Annie said...

Hello, thanks for the shout out, see you there tonight I hope and good luck xx