Sunday 17 August 2008

Crossing off the days

Here we are, back again with visitors every day between now and the end of the month.

(Which means we've had visitors arrive on the day the last cycle failed, and we will have visitors leaving on the day this cycle is 'due' to end. How very symmetrical! )

As we are in the position to judge, I would say it's easier to have visitors during the end of the two week wait than in the aftermath of a failed month.

So here we are again, in the two week wait. The 17th two week wait.

It actually should be a genuine two week wait as opposed to the usual 10-12 days or so, due to the seemingly earlier than normal ovulation.

All bases have been covered, Spencer was sent out at every opportunity, and we are almost literally shagged out.

Now, this is the crux of this post, I'm half afraid to type this, but here goes.

I don't know why, but I just have a real gut feeling this is the one.

Maybe it's the slight shift in ovulation, maybe it was the pretty good fun we've had in the process, maybe it was the shitty start to the month, maybe it was the fact we've just ordered another truck load of OPKs off the internet and a new basal body temperature thermometer for a fresh attack on next month, or maybe our luck is just in.

I can't shake the gut feeling this is the one.

Some people will say I will regret saying that, but even if it turns out not to be the case, then at least for today, our wedding anniversary, the feeling deep in the pit of my stomach is not anxiety but something closer to optimism.

And I don't regret that change for a second.


Sarah said...

*eeeee* (happy squeal)
I hope this is the cycle....if YOU have a good feeling, I have a good feeling for you!


Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

You have to allow yourself to be optimistic some time! Here's hoping!

morninglight mama said...

You already know how much we, your adoring readership, are rooting for you all, so let me just say that in addition to that, I am such a fan of your writing. You can turn a phrase something fierce, man!

Mr Lady said...

Awwww, dude! Happy Anniversary! I really really hope this is it. I am ready for this blog to change from the endless pit of despair that is infertility to the endless pit of despair that is fatherhood.

I kid. It's not endless. They go to college someday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! May this year be your best yet- I'm sending lots of "let it stick" vibes your way- You and ET deserve all the best! :)

Anonymous said...

go Spence go, go Spence go, maybe you should rename Spencer to Michael Phelps. That is a super swimmer!

Jane G said...

Although I'm not overly religious, I'm saying a prayer that this is your month. I've got a good feeling that this is your time.

Have a wonderful anniversary!

Mrs4444 said...

My heart is filled with optimism, too. Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

DD said...

Optimism is a wonderful gift to give to yourself on your Anniversary. May it be a happy one for more than one reason.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm really pleased to read such an optimistic post. I've got everything crossed for you and I'm praying to every fertility god/dess I can find on the internet (and some I've made up, just in case). Go Spence and Ellie!

Liz said...

Happy Anniversary! And fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! The shift away from constant anxiety sounds like a pretty great gift.

(P.S. Have you tried "Operation Polar Offensive"? I'm just sayin', you can't argue with results... )

I will continue to put positive thoughts out to the universe, just in case.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

Happy Anniversary!

And here's to no regrets.

Jason Roth said...

Perhaps this new optimism is exactly what you need to make this one "the one."

Happy Anniversary!!

Jo said...

Heh, what me lady said. The fear. the guilt, the confusion, the exhaustion! Ah, parenting.

I hope you can keep your good feeling, even if it has to carry through to another cycle. It's a better feeling to carry, it's got to be.

Maybe you should start afresh, and look at this as cycle 1? For the next few months, anyway.

Jo said...

PS you're looking out for browner nipples, distended labia, and funny smelling wee.

(I'm going to leave the jokes about 'and what about your wife' opne to the floor :)

John Braine said...

Happy anniversary to you and your good lady. Would be nice to get the greatest anniversary possible.

Jo said...

PPS! Happy Anniversary!

John Braine said...

Greatest anniversary *present* is what I meant to say.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and ET. :)

I hope your next year is full of weeping, bloating, weakness of bladder and homicidal hormonal wifey with crazy cravings for pizza with artichoke.

One day soon we want to read about ET threatening to cut your nuts off for getting her knocked up.

Martin said...

@Sarah - It may be silly, but the feeling is there, and its a nice change.

@Shannon - Absolutely, thanks.

@Morninglight mama - You've no idea how much that means. I'm enjoying the writing so much.
Thank you.

@Mr Lady - Does it really come accross as despair here? I hope not.
Thanks a million.

@Lindsay D - Thank you, it's appreciated!

@Hockeyman - Drugs I reckon...

@Jane G - Well I'm not at all, and I've come close to getting on my knees at times!
Thank you.

@Mrs 4444 - I hope it's not wasted. Thanks.

@DD - It's a nice feeling, that's for sure.

@Bsouth - Thanks,
but you saying I'm dreary?

@Womb for Improvement - Thank you X 2!

@Prayingtodarwin - Thanks, it is!
You've totally lost me with that one?
Operation Polar Offensive?

@Ed - Thank you sir.

@iVegas Family - Dunno why, but I think so! thanks man.

@Jothemama - That's something you do unconsciously anyway, start fresh every month pretty much, otherwise it would be really dreadful.

Funny smelling wee eh? that should be easy notice, normally it's smells divine!

and thanks ;0)

@John Braine - Cheers thanks, it would be an unbelievable one!

@Anja - She threatens that all the time, I just use censorship!


Jenni said...

Happy Anniversary to you and ET!

I also have a good feeling for you guys this month. Just the fact that this is the most optitimist post you've written in months drips with good karma.

I had a gut feeling both times I've been KU, so I hope your gut is as accurate as mine.

Sue said...

Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding anniversary!

I had a similar feeling when we got pregnant with the boys. Somehow, I just knew. Hope it's the same case for you!

Here's hoping this is the one!

Mama Smurf said...

Cheering Spencer on!

I hope he deposits his viable little arse right into what will be a superb Anniversary present.

Will you be naming your first born son Spencer??

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Happy Anniversary!! How did you get ET to stay with you this long?

Either she's crazy or you've hypnotized her.

Fingers crossed on Spencer doing his job.

Anonymous said...

Optimism is awesome! Here's hoping for you.

Krista said...

Happy Anniversary and good luck! :)

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

Never discount a gut feeling. I think a gut feeling means a lot, truly.

Funny you should mention actually, I had a gut feeling about this round for you guys too. Weird.

Hoping so hard for you and ET.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you both.

Duena said...

Gosh you're popular, you've only just posted this and it's already comments galore here!

Anyhow, multiple congrats on the anniversary! I do so hope Spence does you proud this time around!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Maybe Spencer is feeling to much heat going it alone every month. I read a story recently where they say that sperm travels in a pack and many of them are guides that help with direction.

You got 6 million more guys that need to do their job and guide him home.

Anonymous said...

You are going to be a great dad, that's for sure. You are going to have one lucky kid one day.

Putz said...

after being the opptomist and you being the pessimist, am i supposed to change , i have a confession to make...we conceived on new year's night and had our lst a premie on july 19th, 8 weeks early... i knew i conceived after 4 years of nothing, so if you have a good feeling it will be very much like me 40 years ago last july 19th...40 years to the year, almkost, 1968..and i just knew...since it was new years and i felt good...this is so unreal., if it is true for you

Anonymous said...

I say splurge with your thoughts. My dh and I do it all the time. He more often than I, but I like it that way. The chicken shit that I am,I Make him do all the dirty work LOL. I truly hope this is your month!!

K8spade said...

Be happy! Be happy, even if it's just for the next 2 weeks. And you can also be happy knowing that the entire internets is feeling optimistic, too. Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Being less angst and more relaxed can only be a good thing for conception.

Think I said in the beginning that I'm certain that stress has a lot to do with a positive or negative outcome if they can't find any other causes.

Anyway, good to hear you are starting to chill out a bit.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Being less angst and more relaxed can only be a good thing for conception.

Think I said in the beginning that I'm certain that stress has a lot to do with a positive or negative outcome if they can't find any other causes.

Anyway, good to hear you are starting to chill out a bit.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! This is what I was getting in my last comment! So glad you can have hope and continue to have joy in your life!! Oh, fertility treatment, what a bitch. Happy anniversary!

GoaldeeBug said...

Happy Anniversary!

I believe you.... so my gift to you, for your anniversary and as a great show of faith in Spencer... I will be holding my breathe until you get the joyous news.

Hurry it up, huh? ;)

swilek said...

Happy Anniversary! I say always trust your intuition! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I truly hope this is the one for you.
Happiest of wedding anniversaries.

Anonymous said...


I hope your gut feeling is spot on!!

The husband got to have his nads played with the other day and will be leaving a deposit sometime this week. Hopefully we have the #'s next Monday...

Oh and I'm in the 2ww wait as well... again. (I think about 5dpo) I feel ya dude. I feel ya.

Much luck to you and ET!

Zoeyjane said...

I'm totally crossing my legs for your guys - that's a good luck thing, really. Seems to me that since it's your anniversary, you should now be romantic and avoid sex, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh I SO hope this is it for you! I hope you have a whole truckload of OPKs sitting around in your closets collecting dust and spiders for YEARS to come.

Jill said...

Oh I hope this month's the one... I hope, I hope, I hope!! Keeping everything crossed (except my legs - here's wishing a few swimmers mate in my lagoon this month too!).

Anonymous said...

Happy anniverversary!

praying that this is 'the one'.

Anonymous said...

A lovely post!


I really hope soon I will read how it has finally happened and the relief...its good to be positive. This will all be a fantastic read when you look back on it.

Good Luck x 1000000000000000000

Bluestreak said...

damnnnn that´s awesome.

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

Happy Anniversary!

Martin said...

@Jenni - Am I THAT dreary normally?

@STE - I always thought we'd 'know'. I hope it's right. Thanks.

@THopgood - I think we can safely say, no... ;0)

@A whole lot of nothing - How? Because she's a better person than I am.

@Chaos - Thank you!

@Krista - Cheers Krista, thanks.

@Hilary - This coming from the woman with the biggest gut this side of the equator!

@Dan - Thank Dan, appreciated.

@Alexandra - bah, there must be nothing on TV, thanks!

@IVF land on Surrogacy World - Yeah they do travel in packs, theres a fine balance between their stickiness being good and actually holding each other back.
Facinating stuff really.
Thank you.

@Laurie - You've no idea how much I need to hear something like that from someone today.
Thank you.

@Putz - I'll fly to the US and plant a bit kiss on your forehead if it's true!

@Deno - I just hope I'm not being silly. As nice as it is to be hopeful for a while.

@K8Spade - My thoughts exactly, may be short lived, but it'll do for now.

@TW - Thanks, I hope theres truth in that.

@Nola - Thank you, you wise thing you!

@Goaldeebug - Hope you have an oxygen tank.... thanks.

@Swile67 - I'm a big advocate of gut feelings. Fingers crossed, thanks.

@Tiff - Thank you, as always.

@Christa - Me too. Oh the joys, how is he doing now lol?
Good luck with the results and good luck with the wait!

@Zoeyjane - We tried to, but you know... ;0)

@Marie - It would be the best money ever wasted!

@Jill - Good luck this month you...

@Bettina - Thank you. Me too!

@Country Girl - you are easily pleased! thank you!

@Bluestreak - It MIGHT be...Maybe, perhaps...

@Breigh - Thank you X2.

Veronica Foale said...

I have a good feeling too.

And happy anniversary!

B said...

Nice to hear that a happy wedding anniversary can exist, good luck!

My parents always go to Knock really early in the morning and insist one all us coming along... usually didn't go too well.

V said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

AnnD said...

Man. I hope you are right. Especially since you are so freakin' excited!!!! I can't stand to hear the despair and depression in your writing anymore! If you write that well when you are at your worst, I can only imagine what you writing will be like once you and ET get that positive pregnancy test! Whenever it happens...I want pictures! I want lots of photos...of the test, of YOU holding the test, of ET holding the test and the both of you holding the test together. Got it?!

Russ said...

A little hope is a good thing! Just so long as it doesn't turn delusional ;P

Happy Wedding Remembrance Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary...and I hope this is "the one" too!

Korie said...

Gelukkige um....anniversary. Seriously, I really hope that gut of yours is on track. You guys deserve a break. Or a baby.

Both actually.


Leslee said...

I hope it's the one, too!!!! Good luck :D


Katy said...

Every time I had the "gut feeling," it turned out to be true...honestly! I am crossing every part of my body for you...

Chris said...

the gut knows best. hopefully it isn't gas. :-)
Seriously though, sending you good vibes. A fertiley challenged friend of mine just found out she is due in April. Hoping it is contagious and you and ET catch an extreme case of it.

Happy Anniversary.

Robin said...

I have never commented, but have been reading about you and your wife for a while now through Matt's Blog....

I am really hoping this is the month for you, what a great anniversary present that would be.

I will start the two week wait tomorrow (seriously, couldn't ovulation day land during the weekend). My husband and I are on our 4th month of trying to conceive, so we are still in the fun, have lots of semi-calculated sex part.

I really feel for you and truly am hoping with all my might that this is your month, May would be a beautiful month for a baby!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to visit and comment here for ages and now have finally arrived on what I really REALLY hope will be a wonderful month. Keeping everything crossed for you both :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh YAY! This could be it! Gut feelings are gospel for me. You just made my day.

Happy anniversary.

Jen W said...

Fingers AND toes are crossed for you!

Craig D said...


In reading this post I realized I let my OWN (twentieth) anniversary pass by unmentioned.

Best o' luck with your anniversary plans, buddy.

Rob said...

I am going out tonight, so not only will I be crossing everything in hope for you, fingers, toes, I shall go from table to table crossing other people's fingers too.

Hope your gut feeling is right..

Anonymous said...

Well I was able to go into the room with him for the consult. I wasn't expecting the doc to take a look see down below. It was kinda awkward yet funny. The husband was a good sport about it. Just kinda stood there, looking around back and forth... do do do... But I guess he has some veins (I can't remember what the doc called it) that could be a sign for low count, but that in some men it means nothing. Blah.

He has to do his thing into the cup and get it to the lab within 30 minutes, so hopefully I can get him to do that tomorrow morning. He's kinda being a pansy about it. Sigh.

Kori said...

I am a believer in gut feelings. Two nights after S. and I were "intimate" the first time, I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic, thinking, "OMG, what if I am pregnant?" Had no reason to think I might get that way, being a fanatic about BC, etc...but I knew. And so what if you are wrong about your gut feeling-you will be sad and disappointed and all of that, but you are right-it is a good change, a lovely feeling, and enjoy it while it is there. I was glad to hear that you guys had fun while you were at it-that seems positive to me, too. You will be in my thoughts, for sure!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry, happy tears of course. Our son who was born three months ago was conceived on our 12th attempt and I really did have a feeling that time was the one (after months of crying and desperation). I allowed myself to be happy and hopeful (although I was afraid to vocalize it, but I felt it) and it came true! I wish you all the luck, I know exactly how you are feeling. Happy aniversary!

Karen MEG said...

Optimism is a really, really good thing, my friend.

I have a good feeling too... as you know, my anniversary holds an extra special place in my heart as well, as it was almost certainly the day we became three.

Fingers crossed, thinking fertile thoughts ... and happy, happy anniversary to you both.

Sarah said...

Not silly at all Love, not at all. Hope is what keeps us moving forward day after day. After each BFN, after AF comes for a visit, cycle after cycle....hope is what keeps us coming back for more.

Heres to HOPE!!

Rikki said...

Damn straight! Good for you for allowing yourself some optimism. Happy Anniversary! :)

Here till the end,

Martin said...

@Veronica - I will NOT make a vibrator joke....

@B - Knock, oh lord, we are related, I'm sure of it... flasks of tea, 8 kids in the car...

@Kathryn - thank you my neighbour!

@AnnD - Deep breaths

@Russ - I'm long past deluded, thanks!

@Calli's Mama - Thanks! and nice to see you about!

@Lilacspecs - Both will do just fine, cheers schatje!

@Leslee - thank you!

@Katy - Thats what I'm going by! sounds good to me, thanks & welcome!

@Chris - rumble gurgle rumble...burp.

Cheers chris, and welcome.

@Robin - Nice to 'hear' from you. Good luck in your 2WW, weekend ovulations are the bomb!
how sad is that!

@Penelope - You are very welcome, thank you very much.

@That Girl - Praise the gut lord!

@Jen W - thank you!

@CRaig-D - hey stranger, happy 20th!
thanks man.

@Robert Hogan - That's some promise, I'd love to see where you go to!
thanks a million.

@Christa - yeah the name of the problem escapes me at the moment, but the sample should tell all.
A dodgy vein 'can' be
easily fixed.
Bah - tell him take one for the team, it won't be his first or last one!

@Kori - I just hope ETs gut agrees with mine. Thanks Kori!

@Anonymous - YES! thats what I like to hear, good gut stories. Thank you!

@Karen MEG - AH yes, I'd forgotten that, wow...maybe....

@Sarah - exactly, if it gets us to another cycle without pulling our hair out, it'll be worth it!

@Rikki - I love the way you say that... just hope old age doesn't get ya!

Susanica said...

Hmmmm...X box guy. I don't know which anniversary you just celebrated (paper, diamond what have you.) But I'm guessing next August will bring the "dirty nappy anniversary" for you both! You may have to name this baby Bloggy! -Monica

Anonymous said...

I want to wish you and ET both an amazing Happy Anniversary. :) And is it me or does everyone else picture a little red-heart alien when you type ET out? haha

I'm new to here and so I'll keep my ramblings short, but I want to say I hope this is it. :) I've already expressed my thoughts in an email to you and I can honestly say that if Spencer got it right, some very lucky child will burst forth out of the vaginal canal in 9 months. :P As Phoebe would say in Friends, "Think Thick!". haha

Anonymous said...

Sending positive vibes from the MN. Here's hoping your men had a lovely and successful anniversary swim.

I can only imagine the moderately horrified look that will come across little Xbox's face when he/she discovers that mommy and daddy's relations were carefully documented and broadcast for the world. Perhaps you want to install some parental controls on the computer when the time comes. :)

Jo said...

Jesus todd, don't say 'burst forth'!

Let's say 'slide gently and safely out'.

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary (a day late) I sure hope that your intuition is right, fingers crossed and all the other superstitious things that I can do to add to the possibility of your success.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! August 17th was a nice day for a white wedding - glad to share it with such a great couple!

loveyh said...

Happy Anniversary!

Go, Spencer, GO!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I think your blog is great, you're a great writer. I really hope this is the month for you two.


Anonymous said...

Why do you have so many goddamn visitors? Sheesh! I don't even know that many people!

Maggie, Dammit said...

Ooooh, the gut feeling just gave me shivers.

Tara R. said...

I so hope this is the one for you both too. Appropriate that it is your anniversary. Fingers and toes crossed!

Lori said...

Here's hoping!
Optimism feels so much better than soul-crushing despair ... and it's so much healthier.
Go Spencer!

B said...

One of my earlier posts mapped the whole thing out.

I thought you lived in Dublin though? Knock's a huge drive.

Stacy said...

I hope you are right.. go spenser

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to the both of you.

As said before, this would be a WONDERFUL anniversary present.

I am into 'gut feels.'

Yippeeeeeee !!!!!

Hoping and praying for you !!!

MsPicketToYou said...

after 88 well wishes, could matter at all?


MsPicketToYou said...

89 feels luckier. so I'll add:

hope so.

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

That would be a nice double celebration (anniversary & conception)

p.s. a good chunk of the famine emigrants ended up here so loads o' shamrocks!

Martin said...

@Susanica - it was the 3rd wedding anniversary, which doesn't really do justice I think to the almost 11 years we've been together.

@Todd - I actually replied to that mail, did you receive it?

You've given me an unreal mental image of an alien birthing an alien...thank you...

@RRP - I intend to never teach the kid to read, I'll stay safe that way.
That's a funny thought.

Thank you!

@jothemama - hahaha or 'wished out by fairies...'

@Deborah - Fingers crossed, thanks !

@Matthew M.F. Miller - A funny coincidence eh...
message to the kids out there, don't get married on August 17 if you want a hassle free conception process!

@Lovelyh - CHeers!

@K - thank you very very much, that means an awful lot. and welcome!

@Tracey - The ENTIRE month woman, ENTIRE month....

@Maggie, Dammit - Thats definitely gas...

@Tara R - Never thought of it like that, but yeah, a nice tie in if it works.

@Lori - It's definitely healthier! thanks!

@B - wash your mouth out with soap and water. I'm from 'down the country'!

@Snowmanpoop - me too woman, me too!

@Widdle Shamrock - it would be the best EVERY present... thanks!

@Ms Picket to You - it ALL counts, trust me. Thank you.

@Quickroute - Oh man it would.
You gotta love the travelling paddies! (ever read 'the road to Mccarthy?')

Jo said...

'Wished out by fairies'? Heh, you just keep laughing for now...

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that your feelings are for real. It would make a nice story to tell in the future. I hope the visitors aren't too imposing and you are enjoying these more than the others. Although if they are who I think they are, I hope you are both coping with it all ok.

Fate's Granddaughter said...

I am all about gut feelings, and I definitely don't believe in not saying positive things out loud. You may think I am just saying this, but when I read the "Up Periscope" post I became convinced this was your month, too...

Anonymous said...

I hope this is *THE ONE* for you! Happy Anniversary! May you have a blessed year!

Captain Steve said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope this is the one for ya.

Sarah said...

Oh good grief! I'm such a shit head, I forgot to say happy anniversary!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....a bit late. =/

nh said...

May 17 be your lucky number! May you celebrate your anniversary next year in a very different way.

Martin said...

@jothemama - hahahaha...

I kill me.

@Sinead - It certainly would eh?

@Fate's Granddaughter - I'll have some of your optimism any day!

@Megan - Thank you, thats very sweet.

@Captain Steve - Cheers! me too.

@Sarah - and to you too!

@nh - ah yes! never thought of that Aug 17, and 17th cycle.
that straw has now been firmly grasped!

Horse Chick said...

Happy Anniversary XBox & ET!
Ditto to all the great posts before me!!

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

re: read the road to Mccarthy?

No - I've had a few people point me towards it but haven't gotten around to it yet - soon I hope!

The Tall Red Head said...

Hey, there is nothing wrong with having hope. And having a good feeling is a hell of a lot better than having a bad feeling. Fingers are crossed for you. I have a good feeling as well.

Anonymous said...

Optimism is a beautiful thing. I'm glad you got it back. And Happy Anniversary!

I wish you both well and I super hope that this really is THE ONE. And WHEN you two get pregnant, I hope upon hopes that it turns out better than mine did.

Big Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sending more deviates your way. You're tagged. *sniggers*

Missives From Suburbia said...

That shift in the ovulation calendar gave me HUGE hope for you for this month. Happy anniversary, man!

Martin said...

@Horse Chick - Thank you dear!

@Quickroute - It's the follow up to 'McCarthys Bar', which is better, but TRTM is fascinating in regards to the Irish around the world.

@The Tall Red Head - That's my thinking, thank you!

@Kittyconcerto - I'm just So Sorry.

@Anja - *cough* Bitch *cough.

@Missives from Suburbia - I think in a funny way, just the fact there was some fumbling around up there that it might have just 'done' something.
Like hitting the TV to make it work, you know?

Anonymous said...

*holds her breath*

Blue doesn't suit me BoxBoy.

River said...

I was here yesterday and couldn't leave a comment, had to race into the kitchen and clean up the soup which boiled all over the stove. Now it's all been said by absolutely everybody. Well, good luck anyway, trust your gut feeling.

MissyBoo said...

Go Spencer, GO!!! All the very best - I hope that gut feeling is on target

Martin said...

@Kelley - ah don't be so dismissive, try it for a week or two...

@River - I hope the soup was worth it! Thanks ;0)

@M+B - Oh God me too. Me too.

Anonymous said...

I'm way late here, but wanted to wish you and yours a happy anniversary. You guys deserve a day of happiness . . .

Martin said...

@Tysdaddy - Cheers! it will come too.
Thanks a million.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hope you had a brilliant anniversary.
Sending good vibes your way.

Dondi Tiples said...

Hey! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

My gosh, so many lovely comments, but I couldn't help but add that I hope it is this cycle for you. Good luck.

Martin said...

@Jo Beaufoix - Cheers Jo, appreciated.

@Dondi Tiples - thank you Madam!

@PlanningQueen - Your's is just as lovely! thank you, very much.

Malky B. said...

Happy anniversary. This must be the "hope" I was referring to. Nothing like seeing the actual follicle and having the timing exact. May your hope and dreams come true for you this month.

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

re: "McCarthy's Bar" etc - must check it out then - I'm way behind on my reading with no good excuse!

Martin said...

@MalkyB - Yes!
Getting to see it all and be reassured everything there is in tip top shape is great.
Thank you.

@Quickroute - Seriously, even if you're not a big reader, its a must for any Irish person, especially abroad.
Written about a period maybe 10-12 years ago, it's amazing to think how much ahs changed.
I think the Ireland he wrote about is dead.
As is he, unfortunately.