Tuesday 6 April 2010

You won't like me when I'm angry

It’s a pet peeve.

‘Who does she look like?’

She doesn’t actually have to look like anyone, does she? Now, granted, a combination of genetics and a limitation on the number of variations a face can have will result in her displaying some similarities to others, but there is no written rule that she needs to have her parentage identifiable by her ears, or chin, or hair. As faaaaabulous as her follicle abundance may be.

If the opposite were the case surely we would be walking around bumping into Adam ‘n Eve lookalikes all day long. Fig leaves et al. It would give Tiger Woods a great excuse though.

Anyway, I digress.

Mango does in fact look like someone. While the untrained eye might see some of her mother or myself in her, having spent countless hours observing the little creature I can pinpoint a more accurate doppelganger.

As the female young of the species are wont to be, she is often dressed in pink. When she occasionally decides that it is time to scream with all the fury that her 10lb body can muster, she turns a delightful shade of red from top to toe. Coupled with her American newsreader head of black hair, she turns into the spitting image of a figure from my childhood.

The incredible hulk.

With her entire body one bright red colour, a mop of black hair, a face turned upside down with rage, and fists clenched in front of her hunched torso, my daughter turns into a miniature pink version of the incredible bloody hulk.

The only notable difference of course, is that you can’t help but like her.

Even when she’s angry.


Tara R. said...

Oh I do remember those transformations, except my youngun' looked more like Hellboy, except for the horns and tail of course.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

She is her ownself with a hint of u and your wife....Don't u love it when they have their little fits? lol...Kinda reminds me of when they are tryin' to have a b.m. oops everything seems to revert to toilet talk...

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

and she's not green. The incredible hulk is green :P

Of course she is her beautiful self.

Ms. Moon said...

I know. I look at Owen and sometimes he looks just like his daddy and sometimes he looks just like his mama but he ALWAYS looks just like Owen. And that is as it should be.

Horse Chick said...

"Coupled with her American newsreader head of black hair"
What the....? Translation please!!

Russ said...

At least she doesn't turn big, green, and get destructive!

Rebecca said...

I remember getting so frustrated when people would ask me who the baby looks like "mom or dad". My reply was always, "I don't know. She kinda looks like a baby to me. Don't all babies look alike"

Anonymous said...

P Bear has the same lookalike.

Never knew such a red existed.

I owe you an email!

Jenni said...

But which Hulk? That makes a huge diff.

Jo said...

It never ends.

My father's wife repeatedly told me how much my son looked like my husband. he really doesn't, not a bit of it, because he looks very like my mother, and is the spit of my brother at his age.

But my friend says it best. Every time someone starts the who-does-she-look=like routine, he just says emphatically, 'she looks like herself'. Mango looks like Mango.

Hmm. You want to be carfeul. I think Mango might have been more of a grower than Sanne. She'll be famous!

Having said all that of course, she does look just like bboth of you :)

Edith said...

I always say, it's weird, but he really looks like himself!

You do realize there will be a time she will read this all??


areyoukiddingme said...

My daughter looks like me, but my sisters and cousins and niece and nephews and I all look like my dad. It was expected. The gene expression in our family is very strong. I like to laugh about this, because my husband foolishly thought his appearance genes would win. Unfortunately, his personality genes won instead. :) I won't be laughing as much when she's needing braces and doesn't surpass 5 feet tall, though.

So, will you be changing Mango's nickname to Hulkette? It is so funny that something so tiny can get so angry (until you can't figure out why she's angry and fix it for her. Then it's just bad.)

James (SeattleDad) said...

So, she looks like Lou Ferrigno?

I disagree. She is way more adorable.

Geeks in Rome said...

She's unique and absolutely adorable.

Her face will change so much. My daughter started out looking like my hubby's aunt, then she started looking like my sister, then my mom, but I see a hint of my niece (my OTHER sister's daughter) in her. Of course my MIL thinks she looks like her son.

I think looking at a growing baby is like looking in a kaleidoscope -- tiny prisms of precious glass/genes all tossed together to make one beautiful, ever changing piece of art.

Veronica Foale said...

Amy didn't look like anyone except a screaming ball of fury when she was littler. Now she looks like me, only blonde with blue eyes. Odd.

And hey, at least she's a *cute* Hulk.

Deb said...

Have you done a paternity test just to make sure she isn't the daughter of Lou Ferrigno? I mean, it's mighty suspicious that you couldn't get pregnant for a long time and then *wham*. Worth exploring is all I'm sayin'.

tomi said...

Now I can never look at Mango the same way again :p

Alexicographer said...

Interesting. Weirdly my son looks both "just" like my niece (my side of the family) and like his (half)sister (his dad's side). But now that you mention it, the Hulk may also be in there somewhere. Impressive, the way those under 40# can channel him.

Gail said...

Wait till it happens when out in the shops.
I think she looks like one of those cute little trolls you used to get with the big hair.
(am I showing my age??)

River said...

Ha Ha. A miniature pink hulk!
As a young'un, with dark brown, straight hair, my second born was completely different in looks to his older sister (blonde and hazel),and didn't appear to resemble either me or K. Until he was about 10, he looked part Asian. Many people asked me if he was adopted. Throughout his teen years and into adulthood though, the family resemblance began to show. Apart from the dark colouring, M is the image of my brother R. We still have no idea where the straight, dark hair comes from, but the brown eyes are from me and my dad.

Anonymous said...


The incredible hulk!

With Emily when someone asks who she looks like, my Dad says, 'She looks like Emily'.

It's a silly question!

Manuel said...

quite angry now myself.....

AnnD said...

My mom thinks I'm weird cause I loved videotaping my kids when they were crying. The teenier they are, the cuter they cry.

At 3 years old. Not so cute anymore.

Martin said...

@Tara R. - Just not the same without a tail though

@Chrissy - hahaha poor things.

@tiff(threeringcircus) - Yes, not as green, that's true.

@Ms. Moon - Precisely!

@Horse Chick - they always have big hair

@Russ - depends on your definition of destructive

@Rebecca - Winston Churchill!

@Christa - you do!

@Jenni - The incredible one

@Jo - I love the real name, just don't want google to get it's mits on it too much ;-)

@Edith - We're not planning to teach her to read!

@areyoukiddingme - charming!

@James (SeattleDad) - well, yes, a little

@Geeks in Rome - awwwww

@Veronica - small mercies!

@Deb - hmmm, there was that trip to universal studios...

@tomi - :-)

@Alexicographer - haha

@Gail - Yes, yes you are.

@River - Milkman?

@livingrightnow - spot on!

@Manuel - Typical Germans...

@AnnD - I kind of agree with your mother.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to you telling us all about the Hulk Face when she's 14 and refusing to do the washing-up or somesuch. Heh heh.

Iota said...

Hang on. The Hulk was green, not red. Minor detail, I know, but probably important to him.

Muddling Along said...

The incredible pink hulk lol

Amy said...

Ha ha. That's funny :) Come to think of it, P gets a bit of a hulkish look about her (at 10 months old), particularly when someone tries to remove something from her grasp (like chalk or the TV guide)...
From the pics I've seen, S is about a billion times cuter than the IH. (Even the Edward Norton one.)

Martin said...

@nutsinmay - hulkface hahaha

@Iota - MINOR detail

@Muddling Along Mummy - exactly as is!

@Amy - :-)