Tuesday 19 June 2007

Back in the saddle, lousy odds, and buttock visualisation

Well, month 2 has kicked off where month 1 left off…. Going for it.

In fact I have 20 minutes according to my laptop clock before Little Mama shall return and we will keep up our daily routine.

It’s quite fun to be honest, especially attempting to get a few minutes away from our visitors to give it a shot.

They leave tomorrow and it will be full steam ahead then.

We were both looking at some articles this evening about getting pregnant, some (pink and blue coloured and therefore legitimate)source claimed that we should be trying to conceive every 2 days for the 8 days in and around the ‘special time’.

It went on to say that then a normal couple would have a 25% of conceiving.

Frankly, those odds scare me. Are they normal?

If we double the recommended activity over this period to EVERY day, does this make it a 50% chance?

If we stay in the saddle TWICE a day EVERY day during this period does this make it then 100%?

Now I’m not a mathematician (or obviously a biologist) but those odds I DO like.

My scrambled egg brain is already creating stressful situations, like what if we are not successful this month?

How much would that dent our hope and confidence?

I’m not old, technically still in my 20’s so why would nature let me down like this? or Little Mama?

Are these wonderings part and parcel of this process? Or, am I in fact not an idiot but mentally deranged? I’m already convinced that I have an hormonal imbalance that has started me down this road.

I’ve been reading some other blogs, notably ‘Doodaddy’ and ‘papasdiary’. I genuinely enjoy them but I’ve found myself feeling 2 quite strong emotions in doing so.

1- I feel like a fraud for reading and enjoying their stories when I’m not a dad, nor even a pleb expectant dad.

2- I feel as jealous as hell for what they have.

Anyway, I have 6 minutes left before hammer time and I refuse to let this sink any further into the emotional blurb that it seems to be.

This was meant to be humorous damnit!

Although, to leave with a chuckle inspiring thought, as you read this, I’ve probably got my pale buttocks in the air in an attempt to bring about the goal which is the inspiration behind this blog in the first place….


Anonymous said...

You're reading my blog! How fun, 'cause I obviously read yours...

To be honest, it sounds a little like you might be expecting things to happen pretty fast... it really can take a while, even when things are "working" just fine. (Especially, we found, if your partner used to be on birth control pills...)

I would try fudging the "best time to conceive" dates by a few days, too -- I don't think those cycles are nearly as precise as the little pee-stick makes it seem. Start early, go late!

See ya,


Martin said...

Wow ! I feel a little star-stuck, a comment from Doodaddy !

You are correct, I am expecting this to go to plan like one of my implementation projects, and we're approaching it like 'go-live' week.

I know it may seem somewhat impatient, but that is a reflection on how committed we are to this.

Little Mama had been on oral contracteption for many many years and that is a concern, but she always had, and seems to have returned to, clockwork-like regularity.

Despite my desperate sounding ramblings, we are trying our best to be realistic about our chances.

Thanks for your reading & commenting, thanks for sharing your advice, and especially thanks for giving us a glimpse of your world that I enjoy following and being irrationally jealous of !

xbox4nappyrash (hmmm, how do initialise that...)

Anonymous said...

Oh, lor', you think I'm a star. That's sweet! I, in fact, am an insignificant microbe... but I'm gratified that you're reading me, all the same.

Baby as implementation project. That's classic.


P.S. Oh, BTW, if you link to someone in your post they're more likely to notice that you mentioned them... it shows up on their "incoming links" list. I got lucky and saw your post anyway, but for future reference!

Martin said...

Will do.
Thanks for the tip.

Johnny said...

Mental images of Buttocks in the air... Heaven help me.. LOL
How do you link someone in your blog? I still have yet to learn that.