Thursday 29 November 2007


Well now that my little hissy fit is over, I can pack my aching gonads away for a few days and get on with dull Dutch living.

You may be (or actually probably not) interested and surprised to know that this week, in my thirties, I have taken possession of my first iPod. I had always avoided apple products because that's a rule of life, you must love them or hate them regardless of reasoning.
But anyway, with my iCherry well and truely popped, I'm now busy getting everything up and running smoothly with my 12222 track strong music collection and 4100ish photo collection. So far, to quote Borat, "I like", but iTunes kind of makes my tits itch for some reason I can't put my finger on.

This morning I had my 4th (seriously folks, what's the point) discussion with another consultancy who I believe will make me an offer, but I have my doubts as to whether it will attractive enough to move. We shall see. For the first time ever, I couldn't care less either way, I'm more interested in my iPod.

Most of you who turn up here will already be readers of this I guess but if not, get along to Raising Eli where Dad Bernard gives it to you, snot and all. His self control in not suggesting his wife use toilet paper in lieu of expensive feminine hygiene products is worth anyones respect.

Hhhmmm what else, Oh the weirdest thing... I have a gigantic craving for a cigarette. Oh and I love Canada. Oh and I couldn't find (not that I looked very bloody hard) any pictures to help illustrate this entry, Mp3 players with condoms or some such. So the dodgy teddies being wired up will just have to do you.


NH Yocal said...

Love the pic, although sick, I think proves your point : )

I was an apple hater until I met my graphic designer hubby who convinced me there's a better way...we are like the PC/MAC commercial and yes, I am the dorky one. But I say that as I know type on my ibook which has yet to get a virus of some kind. The PC, filled with pop ups, constant virus updates, is next to me, dusty.

And I have an ipod as well, engraved on the back "happy anniversary, love hubby"

I guess he has converted me quite well.

Joeprah said...

Thats a heck of a lot of freakin' tunes there man! WoW! I got like 800 and I think I am the man. Where is that offer for? Somewhere stateside perhaps? Peace.

Martin said...

Mel - I still feel a little dirty for buying it, and liking it...

Joe - well then your selective skills are better than mine, you have some good stuff on your blog, and you suss that out of 800 tracks, I need 10 freakin times that to find anything decent....

Nah...practically the same location, but possibly more 'interesting' work, if you can call it work, or interesting for that matter.