Thursday 10 January 2008

I'm Sterile

Yep folks, I'm "Blogingly Infertile".

Dried up, barren, and totally incapable of coming up with a blog entry. I cannot reproduce anything worthy of writing, or reading.

I could show you this photograph I took while hiding in the truck of a Turkish tree.

But that's just blaaah!

I could tell you that the latest google search to find it's way here was 'How to stop pigs from escaping' but that's just soooo passe daaaahlings.

I could tell you how I'm on the verge of mental ruin, we are 1 week shy of 9 months of trying to get just 1 lousy non-crippled sperm to bump into one relatively large egg. It's like trying to hit a barn door with a bazooka, and it just ain't happening.

So in 1 week my mental pregnancy is up, and something's gonna pop out....


Anonymous said...

The photo looks pretty good to me.

I would say more but i have to continue with my quest to find out how to stop pigs from escaping.

Damn pigs.

Doodaddy said...

You want some ideas for posts? How about:

* Places in Alabama you've always wanted to visit.
* Twelve fun facts about your hair.
* Interesting Dutch-Irish customs. Like the tulip shillelagh.
* Pet names you've enjoyed.

When I need distraction from depressing realities, the more bizarre the better.

Best of luck.

Veronica Foale said...

See? That wasn't so hard was it. Now the blogging ice has been broken.

9mths? Sheesh. Hope this month is it!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you were...

Love the photo, miss the ttc posts, how about a few memes?

I just read something about a masterbation - a - thon happening in your neck of the woods this year... maybe you could look into that.
Enough of the self loathing! Love yourself! LOL No, not in the above mentioned kind of way.

Martin said...

@Dan –
Good luck with those pigs man….!
Thanks for dropping in!

@DooDaddy –
Alabama I know absolutely nothing about, Tennessee and Louisianna perhaps….
I could go 12 things about my hair though…it’s very popular amongst the gay community I’m told by my friend.
I have faaaabulous hair daaaarhling.

@Veronica –
Sheesh is right!

@Tiff –
TTC stories…I honestly just can’t face them at the moment.

The Dutch are quite perverted so it doesn’t surprise me

Are you teasing me now?
Self indulgence is off limits for us TTCers remember…I reckon when I next get the chance to ‘tug the boat’ Mr Happy will think it’s someone else.

frog ponds rock... said...

I think you need to do a meme.. oh wait here is one I prepared earlier.. Tadaa.. 7 weird facts about yourself..

cheers kim hehehehehehehehe

Craig D said...

You can't get it up...

on the internet?

Yeah, me too.

Anonymous said...

exee, I understand. I am getting sick of talking about the sick too... hugs.
PS No, wasn't teasing, just trying to make you smile :)

NH Yocal said...

we all have those days my friend.

BTW: pic is totally cool.

Martin said...

@CraigD - Thats a mental picture that I REALLY don't need right now!

@Tiff - Yeah, basically I'm sick of moaning, but that don't leave much else!
And you did make me smile pet, like only Aussies and masturbate-a-thons can!.

@Melinda - yeah, everything is so Blaaah this week.
Pic is one of my favourites, I think I should have inverted the focus though.

Anonymous said...

hey man, just keep plugin' away. if nothing else, it's just plain fun.

Momo Fali said...

Don't post titles like that! You trying to scare us, or what? We're like your sperm cheerleaders here!

Martin said...

@Struglas - "Plugin' nice, I'm always on the look out for a new term for horizontal jogging.

@Momo Fali - Cheerleaders eh? I don't think I could fit all of your around our bed on big game night, but the mental picture of CraigD and Dorky Dad in a min skirt & pom-poms is more than amusing.

Anonymous said...

would it cheer you up if i mentioned the fact that i have seen my MIL twice in as many weeks?

i'm sorry you feel so blah. this too shall pass.

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

Thinking of you

damon said...

Maybe you could get the escaped pigs to lower the mother eggs deflector shields, then you could battle the Turkish tree people for inter-stellar domination. (Sorry, HBO keeps running Star Wars late at night.)

Anonymous said...

I like the pic...
9 months is a long time to be trying, I really hope you get to trade in your xbox this year!

as for the blog-block... try this if you're out of inspiration -

very helpful!

Anonymous said...

hmm that didn't work... if ya click on my name it should take you there on this one...

Martin said...

@Hilary - Thanks pet. Keet those feet up now you hear...

@Damonm55 - CHeers, quite inspiring, I may develop a tv show guide to conceiving...hmmm

@Marilyn - thanks for popping by and commenting. Interesting site too indeed.