Thursday 26 February 2009

Baby steps

Aside from almost choking to death upon reading the newspaper last weekend we were busy with one or two other things.

Most importantly, we got to meet ET's new nephew.

He's changed a lot from the first photographs we saw. He has a thick fluffy head of black hair and a handsome curious face that could sell anything.

He also snuffles in his sleep like a hedgehog I once nearly stood in. Textbook cute.

So, what's next for us?

Simply, more of the same.

We meet with the specialist on the 11th March, just under two weeks from now. This is a meeting where we've been told we can discuss starting some intervention. Almost certainly in the form of IUI, the question remains medicated or non-medicated.

The very early end to the last cycle (25 days) obviously means this one has started earlier than expected and the appointment will fall on CD16, therefore ruling out any slight chance we may of had that they would try something in this cycle.

The ultimate irony is, Spencer could be snuggling up to a slutty egg on his own initiative at the very moment I'm prying ET's fingers from the specialist's eye sockets.

The earliest we could realistically hope they step in is in the next cycle, due to start somewhere around 23rd March.

Before then, we just try to chill out again. Come back down. It's been an up and down few days.

Undoubtedly and unfortunately, there'll be more to come.


Claire said...

Meeting your new nephew must have been hard, but I hope also a reminder of exactly why you are putting yourselves through all of this and the reward that's waiting for the both of you when you do reach your goal. And i also hope you can both relax a bit knowing that you can now do something other than the old (un)faithful 'hump and hope'. You deserve to take a break and let the men in white coats do the worrying for a while. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Good luck for that appointment. I hope they do the right thing, pull their fingers out and start bloody helping you. And in the meantime, put your feet up and rest for a few days (as it were).

Liz said...

So near and yet so far. Get back on the charting - maybe she'll ovulate late this cycle and you can squeeze something in.

Can fully identify with the mixed emotions on seeing your new nephew (yours too not just ET's).

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. I agree with Claire. Seeing the tiny babe of a boy is the reminder of what this is all about. I was so sorrowful reading your last post, I couldn't even comment.
But you cannot be without hope- the medical profession (as distant and strange as they may be to us) have many answers, many technologies, and with all of that- more hope.
Great hopes for little babies.

Kim said...

Best of luck with the specialist.

WhatAboutNovember said...

Math sucks. Calculating the numbers and the dates just sucks. I hope the meeting with the docs goes well.

Lea said...

At least maybe they will DO something. Her cycles are awfully short. How long is her LP? I'm sure you've probably already looked into that, but didn't think it would hurt to ask. Lots of luck with the doc.

MommyHeadache said...

Ah lad, sorry to hear you are still banging away. Good luck.

IrishNYC said...

It killed me to see the husband play with our niece and nephew (both products of our younger siblings) all the years we tried. I wanted so much to be able to give that to him.

I hope that specialist works their special magic for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let this be the start some something being done to actually help. I cannot begin to imagine what you have both been through these past 2 years and I just pray that this is a step towards the big prize.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I didn't know what to say, and then I read Claire's comment, and that's what I want to say. x

I Am Emily... said...

It must be hard to feel as though you couldnt do it on your own, but thats what these specialists are here for. We are in a time and place where these options are possible, and for that we can be thankful. I am thankful for the fantastic pre and antenatal care these days, imagine having a baby or trying to conceive 100 years ago...What would happen would happen and we wouldnt get a lot of help. Good luck for it and I hope they can make a miracle happen xxx

Putz said...

we had a death not a hoped fro you know what and it is a surpise to me haw much a human looks like a child when they die....last night exactlly, i would suspect she looked very much like your nephew

Anonymous said...

Maybe you and ET should just come to the US of A and meet up with me and Christa. There must be some kind of 3 for 1 deal out there.

What the fuck, we'll just call the octuplet doctor and see if he can't work his magic.

River said...

A head full of fluffy black hair? I'm so jealous. I love seeing babies with hair. Mine were all almost bald.
I'm glad it's now time for you and ET to be seeing a specialist and getting help. Obviously attaining your goal on your own is the best, but if this is the way it has to be, well, then I hope they help quickly. Instead of stuffing you around any longer.

Jane G said...

I know how hard it must have been meeting your new nephew. I felt the same meeting our youngest niece, particularly when the father is John's youngest sibling. But John just held her and thought this is what it's all about, and we have to keep going with the treatment.

It's great that your appointment is around the corner at long last. Hopefully they will give Spencer a good kick up the arse/tail and get him on the job.

frog ponds rock... said...

Bloody Barbara stole my fecking comment Gah...

Martin said...

@Claire - You know, meeting him wasn't hard. It's the stupid build up we create in our own heads before hand that is hard.
He is lovely.

@bsouth - Hopefully yes. It's time.

@womb for improvement - The ovulation is like clockwork, no not much hope fo a late one.
The Dutch wont rush to make an exception anyway, no way, no how.

@Ms. Moon - Thank you, yes.

@Kim - Cheers.

@WhatAboutNovember - Oh AND, its it doesnt happen this time, theres no 2009 baby!

@Lea - They are normally 27/28 days. This one was a short one yes. The LP hits 11 days normally, not very long, but not short enough for the doctors to be interested.

@EmmaK - well, it's not ALL bad ;-)

@IrishNYC - I know EXACTLY what you mean.

@Penelope - I echo that pleeeeeeese.

@Jo Beaufoix - :-) cheers.

@Tanya - I'll be glad im not 130 then.

@Putz - Sorry to hear that Putz. Condolences.

@RRP - Thats plan S or T I think.. but coming closer!

@River - yeah a real proper head of it! very cute.

@Jane G - like a bloody drug!
But yes, if anything it's galvinised the idea that we are right to keep going.

@frog ponds rock - She does that!

Chelsea Lietz said...

Even when you accept you need help and go through all of the RE's bullshit... you still have to wait and waste cycles. It's crap...

Kori said...

When and why would oyu have stepped IN a hedgehog?

Anonymous said...

Cripes, sorry chaps, I didn't mean to comment thief (thieve?). I'll try not to do it again. I'm off to sit in the corner and write lines, or something, now.

~*~Bodhi~*~ said...

Ello gorgeous...

It's your lucky day, I've just nominated you for a Honest Scrap Award....check it out here:


fruitbowl said...

Just wanted to say, what a great blog - not bad for a fella :-)

Seriously, i understand your frustration. Pants isn't it? Fingers crossed you'll get some sort of plan sorted at the appointment. x

Anonymous said...

March 11th is really just around the corner. And you know what? It's a lucky day, because my Mom is coming to visit us in this land of spaghetti and bad roads, so it IS a lucky day! Or I'm just homesick.

I'd go with the lucky day-theory, if I were you.

Cheers. And hugs (or is that too weird?).

Anonymous said...

*Makes sympathetic wry face, crosses fingers, etc.*

Martin said...

@Chelsea Lietz - Yep, I'm almost prepared for more delays once we even do manage to get some treatment underway.

@Kori - Pay attention woman.

@bsouth - and rightly so!

@~*~Bodhi~*~ - well, well, well. I'll get onto that when I can! thanks.

@fruitbowl - 'for a fella' eh? cheeky.
I like you, you may stay.

@expatswede - would your hubby call it a lucky day though? ;-)
Nothing ISNT weird here, really.

@nutsinmay - Yep, same old story.

AnnD said...

I hope for good things for you both! I have my own appt. on March 10th to find out why my last baby didn't make it past 6 weeks and 5 days.

Here is to the next step...

I'll be keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

Martin said...

@AnnD - Hope you get answers. Thank you.