Friday 3 July 2009

Sacred excrement

It always kind of bothered me.

No matter how much explaining people did, wherever they pointed to, regardless of what they said to make it clearer, I have never been able to make head nor rump of ultrasound pictures.

I usually end up nodding and agreeing out of politeness, I was certain this would be no different.

ET pattered over to the examination chair, daintily pulling downwards on the hem of her top in an amusing attempt to preserve modesty in front of the male nurse, before spreading her legs in his face for the third or fourth time.

Off up went the dildo-cam into what is familiar TV territory for us.


There. See that? Fuck. Right there.

Before he could point out anything, before he had a chance to say a word, there it was.

Like a torch being switched on and off in super fast forward mode. Bright, fast, and very very alive.

He didn't need to tell us it was a heartbeat, but he'd have had a tough job finding mine right there and then.

The shape was clear, to me at least, with head to rump measuring just over a centimetre.

Seriously, a bloody centimetre.

The poor bugger was carrying around a yolk sac as big as itself while still measuring a day ahead of the recalculated 7 weeks and 2 day old pregnancy.

Given the parents the wee fella has, this may well be the first and last time it will ever measure ahead on any size chart in its life.

Having a picture to look at is nothing short of amazing. There he/she is. Really there.

Freaky internet people, say hello.

93 comments: said...

Wheeee! Hello, I am the Freaky Internet one-of-the-people your bugger Dad is referring about...The way he uses the word bugger, it could only be justified by a inspection in the mirror of himself!

:-) Hoping to see you kick ET's bladders soon!

Sinéad said...

There is absolutely nothing to compare to that moment. It literally does stop your heart. And yes, there's a lot of magic eye squintiness too. :)

Congrats again!

Dan said...

Hurrah! Hello little fella!

And rather selfishly I'm quite pleased there is only one of him.

Although I still maintain quintuplets would have served you right.

RRP said...

Perhaps I am unreasonably emotional, but that's the most beautiful picture ever. Can barely keep myself from crying.

Ms. Moon said...

Blessings, blessings, blessings.
Hurray! And, oh, did I say...BLESSINGS!
I am so happy for all of you.

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Truly, truly amazing! What a gorgeous sight. (and a wonderful way to start my day) CONGRATS! You must be in cloud 9, eh?

Dan said...

Wow, I just realized how quickly I commented after you commented. I wasn't stalking you man I promise, I was just passing the computer.

Ginny said...

That is one unreasonably attractive fetus.

On my son's first ultrasound, he looked exactly like a prawn. And I loved that little prawn.

I love that you're having this moment.

Liz said...

Nope, it is all a blur. Are you sure you aren't imagining things?

Petite G. said...

Life. What a beautiful miracle. Brought tears to my eyes X. Been waiting for this with you for a long time. I hope you plan to compile all your past posts into a bound book. This would make for such a great story. And what a gift to give your child. (when s/he is older of course)

Jane G said...

Hello little guy! Congrats to you all. I bet you are grinning from ear to ear ever since.

ryanandjoesmom said...

best sound God ever made! takes your breath away doesn't it. congrats again!

Unknown said...

Congratulations :) I've also thought you could print this blog and sell it as a book...???

Will said...

Out-freaking-standing mate. Couldn't be happier for you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad! Wonderful picture. You go, little overachiever!

Must go blow nose now. Damn. Where's a tissue when you need one?

Ms Avery said...

Awww. :)

'Murgdan' said...


AnnD said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy everything looked well!!!

It is truly one of the most amazing moments ever...I had some moments of pure fear too after I began bleeding...dreading to hear: "There is no heartbeat. There was yesterday. But not today!" And when you see never ceases to amaze you!

I can't wait for futher news of ET's expanding wasitline and the adventures of your Baby Bean!!!


naughty said...

Congrats again to you both, your post gave me shivers, I nearly cried! (after laughing, of course!)

Amber said...

Theres nothing quite like hearing and seeing that tiny heartbeat and little baby bud for the first time. Wait until the next scan when you see a tiny little face peeking back, so amazing.

Feebee said...

.....and exhale - great news!!!!!

Fate's Granddaughter said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I have been away for a while. CONGRATULATIONS!

Claire said...

Wow, looking good there Baby Box! Those little scan pics are funny things, even though you know the baby is in there it doesn't seem as real as having it in black and white, in your hand. I pored over them so much I'd swear the paper our scan pictures are printed on is infused with pure love :)

Mwa said...

Hello baby! Too cute! Ooh, that's going to be such a sweet baby. (Honestly, I can tell.)

Anonymous said...

*wipes tear from eye and sniffs gently*

Hello there Bean. Lovely to see you. I think I'm actually more pleased than when I had my own scans.

Veronica said...

Hello little one! You've got an entire internet of people waiting to meet you.


Lorna said...

Wow, congrats, really delighted for you :-)

Was hoping I'd be joining you in the pregnancy stakes this month but it wasn't to be :-(

Have a lovely weekend

feijoafication said...

Oh, Joy!


Blues said...

What a cute little one! Just kidding, I totally just see an ultrasound and that's it. But I'm really happy that you see more than that when you look at it. It would be worrisome if you didn't.

Mo said...

Wow wow wow!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your wee fella!!!


María said...


IrishNYC said...

Hello little bugger!

Mick said...

That's great, Xbox, it really is. Congratulations on your first and here's to many more (holding pint up in the air) :-)

B said...

Is it where the dotty line is running across?

(Do they allow patients to videotape the ultrasound now? Youtube is loaded with them)

frogpondsrock said...

Oh Wow he looks like you. It is first thing in the morning here and Seeing your baby is a really nice way to start my day. Thank you xox

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Jolly good! It looks like a Belly Bean to me...

Perhaps I'm a bit dense, but I think I missed the part about "sacred excrement".

Nic said...

Its a real bean!! So amazing!! Congrats!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

She's SOOOO cute for a little nut!

Russ said...

Why hello little xbox! (or xboxette)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh. I love scan pics. Hello Xbox baby. And go ET. You're doing fabulous. x

Tracey said...

Uh, hi there?

Ed said...

Your heartbeat won't return to normal for quite some time, man.

Nice work!

tiff said...

That's the best ultrasound picture I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you two!

Hi baby!

battynurse said...

Well hello there, it's so nice to see you.

Alyssa said...

What a beautiful sight to see! It will be framed, for sure!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

it is totally flipping you the bird.

I already like this kid.

Bonnie B. said...

Claire, you've hit upon the perfect name - Baby Box! Or maybe BeeBee for short? I love it!

I also love that we fans of this site officially now have a name - we are FIP's (Freaky Internet People)

To Baby Box from the FIPS - we can't wait to meet you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! Baby's 1st picture is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Nice to meet you. Oh the places you will go! (and your dad will be there to tell us all about them).

Anonymous said...

How exciting! First baby pictures! :) Congrats!

Widdle Shamrock said...

You know, IRL, I'm a feckin' laugh a minute.

Your blog just keeps bringing tears to my eyes.

That is a beautiful picture.

(and every one after this, just keeps getting better and tearfully better !!!!)

River said...

That's an amazing little blobby blur alright. I can't imagine how proud you two must feel.

V said...

OK, I can't make heads or tails of ultrasound pictures either, so I'll just take your word for it.

Hey there wee one!!! Keep on truckin'! (American Southern slang)

Mr Lady said...

Oh my god, you lean over right now and tell the little juan, or little juanita, burrito that Auntie Mr Lady is crying because she already loves him, or her, but she thinks him, <---this---> much.

Making Babies said...

Ah hello precious!!! :)

Kori said...

Oh my god, she looks like me! which might be a little hard to explain, but there you go. Congratulations!

Marissa said...

Hello sweet baby, HELLO!!!

(i'm so so so excited for you!!!)

Kim said...

Hello, Little One! I hope you are enjoying your comfy little bedroom and giving your mamma lots of reassuring symptoms to let her and your worry-wart dad (you will thank him for that later) know you are just fine and growing big and strong.

Most wonderful sound in creation, isn't it?

WhatAboutNovember said...


Anonymous said...

Little Boobala is WAVING...yes, I can see it...there is that wonderful wave....goddamn I am happy for the two of you! I shall shoot off some sparklers in Baby X's honor tonite!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you always make me cry? I just remember the pure joy and relief I felt when I seen my little fella this time last year. I am so happy for you, it's just brilliant!!!

ZDub said...

Yay baby!

mom2nji said...

The most beautiful picture in the world!! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys, best of luck!

Momo Fali said...

Yay! Hellllloooooo!!!

Martin said...

@WiseGuy - Easy now!

@Sinéad - Thanks. Truly amazing seeing that flashing.

@Dan - You're not alone in that opinion I've noted.

@RRP - Awwwwww :-)

@Ms. Moon - Thanks.

@Hilary (Maya Papaya) - very very much so!

@Dan - Yeah right, Hadrian's walk obsessive git.

@Ginny - It's neat and tidy isn't it?

@womb for improvement - Such cruelty!

@Petite G. - We'll have to see ;-)

@Jane G - Absolutely, painfully so.

@ryanandjoesmom - Thanks!

@Ruth - Thanks ;-) Just need a publisher to agree with you!

@Will - Cheers!

@nutsinmay - Stuck to my shoe, usually.

@Ms Avery - Yep !

@'Murgdan' - :-)

@AnnD - Yep, mind blowing.

@naughty - Awww thanks.

@Amber - Not long!

@Feebee - 'tis! we're delighted.

@Fate's Granddaughter - you have :-)

@Claire - Yeah, I love having the pic. THERE it is.

@Mwa - I agree, although I'm biased!

@bsouth - Awwwwwwwww

@Veronica - wonderfully creepy!

@Lorna - Aw, sorry to hear that, take it easy for a few days and get ready for the next round.

@kma - :-)

@Blues - On the monitor was so much better, the

@Mo and Will - Thanks ;-)

@Immoral Matriarch - Yep!

@IrishNYC - :-)

@Mick - at least a half dozen!

@B - yep, the line runs from head to arse.
Yeah you can get 3 and 4 D videos now. Freaky.

@frogpondsrock - I feel the same way!

@Jasper Mockingbard - "sacred excrement" = Holy shit!

@Nic - Thanks!

@Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] - like papa.

@Russ - I think you're right first time!

@Jo Beaufoix - Thanks!

@Tracey - Don't be shy!

@Ed - Cool!

@tiff - Fibber! but thanks!

@RiotGrrlCynic - :-)

@battynurse - hehe thanks.

@Alyssa - It's already done the rounds!

@Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo - I'll be warning it about you.

@Bonnie B. - FIPs, heh, Tshirt anyone?

@rachelbk - Thanks, its great!

@Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas - heheh

@iamstacey - thanks!

@Widdle Shamrock - Awwww, sorry, but thanks.

@River - Fit to burst.

@Kathryn - thought that was a typo ;-)

@Mr Lady - Juanita... Hmmmm

@Making Babies - :-)

@Kori - Only taller...

@Marissa - thanks!

@Kim - BedWOMB!

@WhatAboutNovember - *waves*

@hotmamamia - you're gonna shoot WHAT now?

@Deno - Tis the hormones ;-)

@Zakary - :-)

@mom2nji - to me, yes.

@Anonymous - Thanks ;-)

@Momo Fali - hehe

James (SeattleDad) said...

That is awesome Xbox. Hello little guy. I am going out on a limb with that one, but hey I have a feeling.

Our son was born in the 90th percentile in height and now is about at 15-20 at 2 yo. I am sure he will shoot up soon, but be prepared for the birth size meaning zip.

Anonymous said...

Well, hello! (Another FIP waving, while grinning idiotically).

Scans are magical things, you think nothing in the world can compare to it, and then one day you're holding your baby and you know you were wrong. Still, I can totally see Baby Box (Giuseppe? Giuseppina? Hey, I live in Italy, what kind of names did you think I'd come up with?) all snuggly and happy in that picture.

Good job, dude. Good job. Oh, and ET too. ;)


Sniffle said...

Head jelly wrecking, jelly, jelly more jelly head wrecking. Fingers crossed and jelly congratulations.

Karen MEG said...

That is the perfect picture. And perfect post. Overjoyed for you!

Momma said...

WOW!!! Love it!

I remember leaving our first u/s when I was pregnant with Ace and asking Jared..."Did you see anything that woman was talking about? I didn't see shit!"

He laughed so hard, I'll never forget! I do remember seeing his tiny heart beating a million miles an hour (or maybe that was mine) but I couldn't see this outline of placenta/uterus/baby that she was pointing out.

Congratulations on seeing your little one living it up in there!

Proseaholics said...

Well well, hello there!

Your blogpost reminds me o the time I was in the UK and Trev asked me on seeing my nephews ultrasound pic as to "oh wow, Indian babies look the same too on ultrasound too?"

I half expected this fella to be wavin around a marijuana leaf.

Slightly disappointed, I am

Rachael said...

Oh WOW! I have not been here for a while and look what has happened! (I am a lurker who pops over from 'my three ring circus' every now and then).

I am really, really pleased for you and your wife. Just super news.

I Am Emily... said...

That is beautiful, even if it is just a cm long

Rikki said...

*waving her hands at the computer screen*

Hi little fella! :)

MissyBoo said...

Hi baby :)

PS Remember DO NOT laminate the ultrasound pictures!!!!

Jenni said...

hello, baby! you sure took long enough to get here. we've been wating, like, FOREVER.

congrats - i'm predicting a cutie.

Cindy said...

Holy Crap! Something about that first u/s photo that really ups the intensity! So beautiful!!!
Scan it into your computer b/c the image doesn't last forever BTW.
Very happy for you!

Jason Roth said...

Very cool. Although, I was hoping there'd be two in there for you.

Sinead said...

I have a new name for you - Cashew!

Seriously though, I am glad everything is going so well and it is cool to see the baby so small! But trust me, the images only get better as they get bigger.

Hope morning sickness hasn't kicked in for ET yet!

Putz said...

russ talks about poop all the time and now you talking about poopi can't stand it ...where is jasphermocking bard...he doesn't talk about poop

Anonymous said...

Sparklers are very SAFE handheld fireworks...Google the images...there are some very cool ones!

Martin said...

@James (SeattleDad) - Considering its parents, being too tall is not going to be an issue.

@expatswede - Thanks!

@Sniffle - er, right ;-)

@Karen MEG - Thanks!

@Momma - That's funny

@Monty - bad influence you.

@Rach - Thank you ;-)

@Tanya - 1.1 cm actually ;-)

@Rikki - :-)

@M+B - yep, that's covered!

@Jenni - and you'd know!

@Cindy (and Brian) - Thanks, and it's already scanned in, that's kinf of how it's in the post ;-)

@iVegasFamily - one is enough!

@Sinead - She's had one day!

@Putz - prepare yourself putz....

@hotmamamia - Yes mam.

Chelsea Lietz said...

beeautiful! Congrats Dad!

jjdaddyo said...

Congrats! They always look like tadpoles for the first few weeks anyway. But the heart beat is thrilling.
I will always remember going to the gyno for the first ultra sound on our second go-round, and the ultra-sound tech waving the little wand around and ... there it was... but I knew what IT was right away... two of them!
And the tech says "say hello to twins!"... and my overjoyed wife (who didn't know wtf she was seeing) says "OH, FUCK!" in a voice that must have been heard in the hospital parking lot.
I always wonder what the women in the waiting room thought when they heard that....

Martin said...

@Chelsea Lietz - Cheers!

@JJ Daddy-O - Just the one here, thankfully!

Captain Steve said...

Hello tiny one! Welcome to the internets, where all sorts of creepy people reside. Someday you'll be able to google how your mum and daddy made you and be utterly mortified. And oh, how your father will laugh.

C said...

Am on bed rest, just came online to check ur U/S happy to see everything going well ....

Martin said...

@Captain Steve - Its a weird thought isnt it? reading about how you came to be?

@Chhandita - oh dear, take care of yoruself!

Anonymous said...

Does this little squidge know how many cyber auties and uncles are out there watching every moment?

Even Louise Brown didn't get this much attention!

It's a boy, I have a feeling!

Martin said...

@Tismee2 - Me too...

Dondi Tiples said...

Hello baby!!!!!

Egads! I miss this blog. Been so busy. Am just now starting to read from where I left off so many loooooong months ago!

Also, hellooooooo babeeeeeee!!!