Monday 1 January 2007

Bow chikka wow wow - making lurve...

Some folk have gone out of their way to cheer a poor infertile up, by slapping me with a few coloured pixels baring various significances, or just by saying what they think about this whole sorry mess.

Give or take a few hundred thousand, this many folk are reading this drivel:

If YOU think this ain't so bad you can always subscribe or maybe stumble it:

The blog made to the finalists of the specialist blog category at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.

Also, it was named as one of Ireland's 20 essential blogs to read by the Irish Times.

The folks at Ask and ye shall receive have said nice stuff, In return for sexual favours.

Dan at all that comes with it put this video together when Mango was born. It is simply magic.

There was a really cool mention over at Strollerderby, which normally tends to focus on the post jiggy-time baby activities.

I was more than chuffed to get a review or a preview or some sort of a mention over at The Crabbling Otter, it was great to get a mention back home, and from the young and hip. (Did I just use the word 'hip'?)

You can vote for me at Divine Caroline if you like, and you should, it'll make your hair curly!

Lots of bloggy people get in on the act too! So in no particular order, or rather the order I found them in my archives....

Bodhi ekaH awarded this:

This was awarded by Fear & Parenting in Las Vegas

Melinda Zook thinks I'm pink worthy.

Dorky Dad reckoned I made him smile. I say it was wind.

Three Ring Circus' Tiff & Sleepless Nights Veronica both handed this out on the same say!

Which Veronica swiftly followed up with these!

Tiff back at Three Ring Circus decided she wasn't being left behind in the bling race so she gave this.

Which Lance at Dad2Twins followed up with this. Which Siobhan from ABrittDifferent also handed out!

Tiff back at Three Ring Circus went nuts and went all very pink on me two days running with these.
Then the mighty BusyDad lost his senses and gave me this.

Before Magneto Bold Too joined in the love-fest.

Mad Kim over at frog ponds rock dropped all these on me.

The artistic Mr John Braine knocked this up. Awesome indeed.

James over at Luke, I am your father handed out this. As did Kori over at see Kori rant!
AND then also by justjuli - Hat-trick !
Oddly, Nick from Our Jacob didn't give this to me, sort of, but he did, sort of.
The very special Karmental offered up this

Half past kissin' time cheered me up with this.

Gail over at squared off made her own award and passed it on.

The mighty KittyConcerto gave me this!

Finally, I found my record of who gave me this, and it was Morninglight Mama over at My thoughts exactly!, so THANK YOU!

Karyne of Karyne's Chronicles passed this onto me! because I'm brainy?

Breigh from Canadutch felt sorry for me, she's been down the Dutch road and awarded this. Which was also given by my EXACT birthday sharing Erika at Be Gay About It.
If that wasn't enough, Hotmamamia from The Pittsburgh Deli did the same, as did People in the sun!.

Then Dto3 from Football, Ballet and Beer went nuts and gave this!
Which Lani from Me & Boo also awarded!

Tiff from Three Ring Circus popped up again to give this to me

Fellow expat Mybluestreak awarded this wee gem, As did Tara R, from If mom says ok !

Trish from My Little Drummer Boys gave me this!

The vacant uterus lady from well, vacantuterus left me this!

The biggest bald blogger about, Jason from iVegasFamily passed this on

Tara R from if mom says ok was very kind to give us this!

Jenni from Oscarelli passed this one onto us.

I was declared a fabulous lady(!) by making babies!

And I'm in the sisterhood (seriously?) according to Chhandita!
Mammydiaries thinks this whole thing is lovely!

I've had to go back through lots of posts and comments to find these, and I may have missed some. If you've given me lurve and I haven't mentioned you, just let me know, pop me an email at and I'll fix it in two shakes of a sperm's tail.


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Good grief, you're one popular dude! said...

You are one seriously 'approved' piece of work!