Monday 1 January 2007

Blogroll - Blogs I check in on regularly-ish

I've broken this up into categories because I'm just that feckin nice to you.
If you are here, and don't like your category, let me know, or quit whining. Same goes to be added or remove

Trying To Conceive & Infertility

The Stirrup Queen's Completely Anal List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer

Irish Infertility Support Forums

Conceive this
Fertile Myrtle my ass
Fertility Guy
Getting There
Infertility & me
Fertility Guy
Lacking expectations
Life & love in the petri dish
Making Babies - The Waiting Game
Maybe baby
Mister IVF
Nuts in May
Husband & wife at Once in a lifetime and So dear & yet so far
Our winding path
Take it one gigantic, earth-shattering crisis at a time
The second time around
There's a baby at the end of this, right? (Retired?)
Woman anyone?
Womb 4 Improvement
What about November?
What you're not expecting when you're trying to expect
IVF - A Husband's Perspective (Retired)

Parenting by the fellas
Backpacking Dad
Busy Dad
D is for Dad
Dads who mock the world
Dad Thing
iVegas Family
Luke, I am your father
Matt, Liz & Madeline
Single Parent Dad
Little m long a

Parenting by the birds
99% Wife and Mom....1% everything else
A day in the life...
If Mom Says OK
Momo Fali
Mommy is moody
Oh, Susanica!
Sleepless Nights
Three Ring Circus
Whiskey in my sippy cup

Just bloody funny
A whole lot of nothing
Magneto Bold Too

Other, a bit of everything, decent writers etc
A free man
Ask and ye shall receive and their Xbox4NappyRash review
All that comes with it
Barlow Putz
Be gay about it
Bless our hearts
Blues of a waxing
Finding Zen