Friday 29 June 2007

The Waiting Game

Strange times at the moment.

We've come and gone through the optimum time of the month, making the most of every opportunity, and while we will continue to do so as long as we can, we both know that if we are to be successful this month, that it already would have begin.

This I find entirely bizarre, the possibility that we 'could' be pregnant and yet we are over a week from even being able to speculate.

Right now I envy those guys who's partners just blind sight them with a declaration of 8 week pregnancy.

I am not a patient person by any stretch of the imagination, so needless to say, waiting for something that may not even happen is spinning my little brain around my head like a lone thong in a tumble drier.

At least we have a distraction coming in the next few days, we get the keys to our new home on Monday, followed by a week of taking furniture deliveries, packing & preparing before we move lock stock on Saturday.

Then it's just a matter of waiting until the following Tuesday....

EDIT: P.S. My God this post is mind numbingly boring, I do apologise, but all I've been up to is trying to make the bloody thing and we'll, I think that's an image that's better left to all our imaginations....


Anonymous said...

Nah, not boring... anticipating! Have you guys been going through any prep (apart from the very fun obvious bits)? I mean -- what are you thinking about childcare, will your jobs change, will you need to move, have you practiced waking up every two hours just to see if you can do it?

Martin said...

Absolutely, a lot will have to change.
We are an Irish couple living & working full time in the Netherlands so we don't have family around us, therefore from a support aspect we are all we have.

Childcare here is excellent, but at the same time we don't want to rely fully on it so our jobs will change also, thankfully the employment laws here fully support changes in your contracts to allow for family care.
It's just a matter of deciding the finer details, who, when etc.

Next week we take over our new house, having sold our apartment, so the space is available and we could not ask for a better area.

I'm a lousy sleeper anyway so I fully expect to have the night shifts, the lack of sleep will prove to be a big issue with my wife I think, she LOVES her sleep.

Being an expat couple in the Netherlands will throw up up other challenges, language, schools, even their approach to pregnancy and chilbirth is somewhat different to the rest of Europe and the US.

I feel a bit odd discussing this kind of stuff at this point when there is 'nothing' to discuss it for, not wanting to tempt fate etc.

But, thanks for the blog inspiration ! and should everything work out (touch wood) I will certainly come back on these topics as I think the approach that the Dutch take to all of the above is quite unique, interesting, and blogworthy.

Unknown said...

I remember the anticipation of the pregnancy possibility. It's kind-of cool. And then when you find out, it's mind-blowingly exciting. Good luck! You're in for an interesting time, that's for sure.

And it only gets better when the kid arrives.

Martin said...

I can just imagine !....

I've got the jitters just thinking about next week, God help me when Sunday
or Monday comes around.

I'm trying not to think too much about the what ifs, we're trying to focus
on the first, and ultimately definitive, first step.

We know the odds of being unsuccessful this time around, and theoretically
should be ready for that, but it woud be a right kick in the 'nads, and
after the month I've had, they can do without that !