Thursday 30 August 2007

Small Mercies


My home is in-law free once again.

I can return to living a life of inapropriate self-touching and vigorous scratching.
Oh and of course daily sessions in the saddle to help nature on it's way.

Ironically, next week we again have visitors, this time my family, which will clash with the time when we discover if this month has been successful or not. These guys (gals to be precise) are much younger and should result in a chilled out few days for next weekend.

Overall, we are much more relaxed about everything, we have a pretty full schedule for the coming weeks and even months which should keep us occupied when things start to get us down.

At what point do people normally start wanting to get some medical advice?, I know that it's widely said to be a year for our age group, but I'll be a sailor's willie before I believe that people haven't gone about it sooner....

I am one impatient paddy.

Anyway...I'm off to treat myself to a new xbox game, disrobe and scratch to my wee heart's content...

1 comment:

Doodaddy said...

You think you're getting a lot of houseguests now? Just wait until the baby comes!