Thursday 9 August 2007

Strike Three

Well, bang on time, as regular as clockwork, my already suffering 'nads have received a swift kick.

We haven't managed to conceive this month either.

Thats three months, we are both (just) in our 20's, reasonably healthy, with a beer and the occasional coffee being our only vices.

...At what point does one begin to worry...


Homemom3 said...

try not to have a baby and it might happen that way. Since ya'll are consiously trying very hard ya'll might be stressing something out. Just a thought. Good Luck! Sending baby vibes your way.

Martin said...

I do understand the sentiment and the logical piece of my brain is in full agreement.

But it is incredibly difficult to try and pretend to yourself that you are not trying to conceive.

...and I love the phrase "Ya'll" reminds me of good times :-)