Saturday 18 August 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday saw the passing of our 2nd wedding anniversary. Seems like quite a short time when you say it that way and doesn't really reflect the fact we've been together for nearly 10 years now (apparently) .

2 Years ago yesterday we were in New Orleans having the time of our lives, champagne on the Mississippi, wonderful street jazz and a feeling that all was good in the world. Louisianna and Tennessee where we had spent that period was genuinely full of the nicest strangers we've ever met.

1 year ago we were in Istanbul, a fascinating city full of startling contrast between the romantic old Ottoman empire days and the starbuck's riddled European capital that it is today. A city where you can stand by one bank of the river and look across to the other in Asia and see people looking back at you in Europe. Not to mention the juiciest lamb available in either continent.

So, how do we spend this year? not wanting to buck the trend of having an international flavour to our anniversary, last night we hopped in the car and went to...Ikea.

...who says romance has to fade away eh?...


Unknown said...

IKEA? Whoa, now partner! Don't waste all the good anniversary ideas so early in your marriage!

Happy anniversary! Or happy belated anniversary, as this post was written Saturday.

Martin said...

Cheers !

2 years, the flatpack anniversary.

eagerblogger said...

Well, I love going to Ikea, LOL. But I don't think you can have a really romantic time there.