Wednesday, 12 September 2007

In You End - Oh !

While I've been catching up on some blog reading (check out DadThing added to my blogroll btw) I discovered something facinating..... Apparently, this blog is suitable for general audiences !

The rating is based on the use of only one term of note "Missionary". I'd be seriously buggered if I were blogging about doing the Lord's work in deepest Africa now wouldn't I....

Although now I've mentioned it again, along with 'Buggered' (damn, again..) I'm probably going to be struck off.

I feel quite chuffed with myself that terms such as horizontal jogging, innapropriate self touching, knee trembler, pale buttocks, willie in a sling, and arse & tit(!) have all been approved for old fogies and kiddies alike to enjoy.

Not only utterly bizzare in my mind but a good excuse for a bit of self promotion.

Any US TV networks needing some help beating the fascists? Feel free pay me huge sums and I'll help you guys out.

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