Monday, 10 September 2007

Heads up and off we go again

With the now all too familiar couple of days of misery every 4 weeks behind us, we are picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves down again for another few weeks of baby factoring.
The one 'side effect' of all this is that I find it hard to see kids out and about, especially when with their dads, it sparks a wee shot of lonesomeness every time.

But Anyway...Our schedule has changed somewhat from the early days, when it was a case of as often as possible, every single day.

As fun as that was, it's just not practical for anyone not living in a commune, so now we are looking at 2 days out of every 3. Every other day seems to be the general 'rule'.

So hopefully this schedule should maintain quality and quantity of everything required and hold off the danger of things going stale.

Our diets are reasonably good, we are getting more and more exercise, and other than the kick in the nuts once a month we are more or less stress free.

What I'm curious about is have people been able to pinpoint any one change they made in their routines that proved successful?
Was there anything you started doing that you hadn't been doing that proved crucial?


Doodaddy said...

Probably not what you had in mind, but my wife swears that it was her acupuncturist that got her pregnant the first time.

(Wait, I should probably reword that. Nah, you know what I mean.)

Anyway, this particular woman is a specialist in fertility... drop her name in any S.F. playground and heads pop up.

Not that this helps you -- although I imagine there are probably acupuncturists there, too? EU-certified and everything? Do you want me to see if ours knows someone in County Wiltfordshire-on-Thames? (Or wherever?)


Anonymous said...

Acupuncture can do amazing things! I would not doubt at all if this helps.

It is totally unrelated, but my dog had severe problems walking. He could not run, could not climb stairs, and would fall down on slick floors. We took him for two acupuncture sessions and now he can run on slick floors with no problems and climb stairs. Totally amazing!

My wife and I tried for six months or so with no luck. We got drunk one night and "slept" in someone else's bed. I know that's gross, but that is how it worked.

In all seriousness, I wish you the best! I will definitely be following your posts!

Unknown said...

When we got pregnant we were convinced that we weren't because we couldn't try it much that month. Every other month we were like a couple of rabbits.

Go figure.

V said...

I hate to say this because you probably can't just trick your mind like this, but it always seems to me that the moment people give up, and stop trying...POOF! Good luck!

Martin said...

Thanks folks.

ALL:I think you could all have a point. It comes back to relaxing in general I think.

While so far for 98% we've avoided the purely mechanical effort, it must make a difference to be totally at ease, there's only so much measuring of angles, trajectory and projection and one can do and still enjoy themselves.

Doodaddy: Yep, we got acupuncturists coming out our ears here, the Dutch love themselves a bit of alternative treatments.

Failing that I'm going to pay more attention to when my neighbour is not at home...or Jared's. Thanks.

DD: I find I go a bit (I REALLY dont want to use the word anal here) uptight if we miss a go...

V:Yeuuuuuuuup, tricking the mind is the hard bit, but we'll struggle on anyway.

Hard work, but someone's gotta do it...;-)