Thursday 5 February 2009

Keeping secrets

A thought occurred to me. I don't know what day it is. Cycle day I mean (does this must mean I'm relaxed?).

Or just knackered?

Okay, it doesn't need CERN intervention to deduce that it's CD07 or 08 or so, but not knowing exactly is unusual.

Within a week we will be hard at it once again, moaning, groaning, sweating, chanting, and swapping bodily fluids, all in the name of procreation.

For the twenty fourth time. I need a lie down at the very thought of it.

Maybe it's a stupid question, but I don't think I've ever asked, how did YOU get knocked up, how did YOU knock your missus up?

Did you chew gum? shake both your hips a certain way? sacrifice chickens?

Did you use accessories, foodstuffs, or woodland creatures? Was there a specific time of day, or night?

Did you make use of any particular soundtrack or background noise, jungle sounds or whales arguing?

Did you dress up, milkman, postman, flight attendant, vicar, or backstreet boy?

Don't be mean, don't hold back, don't be ashamed. I'm not sure if you've noticed but shame doesn't live here anymore.

In other news, this has now been long listed (as opposed to long, long listed) for the Irish Blog awards specialist blog category.
I think the swimsuit round is next, followed by a shortlist, and then a talent round. Anyone good at anal bleaching?


Jane G said...

Is a Rampant Rabbit included under the heading woodland creatures?

I'm having visions of ET getting out a hose and a bottle of domestos in preparation for your next round of the lovely bloggers competition.

Fe said...

In all honesty, after 53 cycles of despair, we went to a herbalist who specialised only in fertility.

I was cynical, as we'd been doing the medical rounds for so long, and the acupuncture, naturopath, herbalist, homoepath, hypnotherapist etc rounds..

This herbalist told us to stop "trying" for 3 cycles, as the herbs that I had to take (ugggh) could harm the foetus, and on the 4th cycle, we were preggers.

And after baby number one, before I had even stopped breast feeding, we were preggers with baby number two.

So... how did we conceive?

By never ever losing hope. (Oh, and I refuse to believe that all those post-coital handstands were completely in vain.)

Sue said...

You know, I can't find a delicate way to say this, but most people don't give it much thought at all while they are going at it. It's more about the passion, the raw energy, the heat of the moment, the God-damned-I-Have-to-Have-Sex-Now-Or-I'm-going-to-explode fury of ripping your clothes off and just having at it.

This is how my daughter came along before I turned 18. We were trying not to get caught. The last thing on our mind was a baby. haha.

Rob Monroe said...

After 18 months of trying, I moved an hour away from home. (Not splitting, just got a job on the other side of the river, and she could not move for three months.) We moved back in together with family for about two months. All in all, we gave after four rounds of IUI I was ready to adopt.

I was forcibly convinced that we were going to try three more IUI treatments before we could consider adopting (by which she meant IVF). On the first round of IUI after that break we got pregnant.

That's how it happened. Romantic, isn't it?

battynurse said...

I had a somewhat unattractive patient (enough so that the visual was a bit frightening) who swore it was the one piece head to toe lace body suit thing and standing on her head during sex. Sounds a bit dangerous if you ask me but who knows.

Claire said...

We did it every single night for a whole month. It was tedious but worth it! And after the deed was done I didn't stand up until the morning, in the interests of outfoxing gravity.

Ms. Moon said...

I think a man may have left his shoes under my bed.
Or something like that.
My problem was always the opposite of not being able to conceive. But having had all my babies, I know why you want one so badly.

Anonymous said...

Anal bleaching... Hahahaha!!!

We did it the old fashioned way - IVF with ICSI. :)

Serenity said...

For us, no amount of herbs, activities, chickens, propping of the hips, timing, et cetera would have gotten us pregnant.

Instead? We used the "two doctors, three surgery, three IVF with ICSI cycle method to conceive our son. :)

Rikki said...

I was like Claire. But I didn't lay flat, I put a pillow under my arse so that the "swimmers" were going downstream.

Hope this helps!

Here till the end...

Anonymous said...

Same as Claire - every single night for a month and no standing up until the morning. We did that for both children.

I can't get anal bleaching out of my mind now. Thanks.

Ian Newbold said...

I was making regular deposits, and then immediately using various props to raise my wife's legs above her bum, and then her bum above her chest.

Beat cuddling I suppose.

Anonymous said...

When it 'worked' for us we were in the middle of moving from our apartment into the first home we bought. We did it on the stairs and I laid up them....

So, but a new home and make sure you are Oing smack dab in the middle of moving ??

Anonymous said...


areyoukiddingme said...

I think it was the nagging that did it...perhaps this time, you could be uncooperative and your wife could just pester you until you give in. You could probably get your lie down in that way.

Thanks for that anal bleaching image. It totally banished the Wiggles songs right out of my head.

Anonymous said...

on that very last note there apparently Time Out Amsterdam magazine mentioned where you could get it done in the last issue - I remind myself of that when I think my job is bad!!

Russ said...

Anal bleaching. There's two words I never thought I'd see on this blog!

Well, we didn't resort to anything, eh, interesting, to get knocked up. We did get liquored up once, figure it works for teens around the world, should work for us.

Maggie, Dammit said...

You don't want to know.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

She said, "Do you wanna?" I said, "Sure!"

I didn't realize there would be consequences.

Putz said...

the doctors were very very involved in our pregnancy attempts, you know i should have had dna testing after that 48th cycle. i hope that babby is mine, but i had 4 others after what the hey???as i remember karen our first she and the fifth becky were both conceived on new year's night, 13 years apart both premature with birthdays on july i8th and wife was not as inhibited on that particular night which might explain that two fifths of our babbies were due to inhabition on new year's eve...hey that might be a hint for you

Sadia said...

I went off the Pill. We used condoms for a couple of months. We then decided not to stress it at all, that a baby would come if and when it was time. We hung out and cooked a lot and refused to worry about cycles.

Maybe if we had stressed a little it would have taken nine months from the first try to have one child, instead of seven months from the first try to have twins.

Anonymous said...

Conceived twice (one ended in miscarriage, one pregnancy still pending), both times during brief stays at my parents' house, staying in my childhood room. This also happened to be the same room where we had our "first time"...maybe that's the key? I recommend you and ET revisit the place where you first did the deed and give it a whirl...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hmmmmm. The first time I think it was our last night in our rented house. We'd been married 2 months and just had a last night bit of how'syourfather (why do people call it that??) and it happened.

With Miss M we planned it by checking my cycle and working out fertile period etc, then I lay with my legs and bum in the air for about half an hour. We were just lucky I suppose.

Liz said...

You're asking the wrong girl.

(That is asking me how I got pregnant, not that ET is the wrong girl ... phew that was close)

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

We just did it. Maybe you don't do it right. Just a thought.

I totally thought you'd be under the Fashion blog category.

Heather said...

I have no idea. I woke up one day and thought, "hey, wasn't I supposed to get my period about 5 days ago?" 8 months later after a completely normal pregnancy we had a perfect baby girl. No kidding. And it gets worse. I felt 'cheated' out of the 'excitement' of trying. Dumb girl.

Don't worry. It came back to bite us in the ass. When we decided to go for #2 it was not as easy. First a miscarriage, then 7 more months of trying which produced a beautiful boy who was stillborn at 27 weeks, then another miscarriage, then a chemical pregnancy, and now, despite being pregnant 4 times, lots testing and 3 rounds of clomid my daughter still asks "when are you going to grow me a baby in your tummy?". I've had 2.5 years of the 'excitement' of trying, and I have to say I prefer the old boring way of getting pregnant.

Kim said...

While the time he came in dressed as a constuction worker (complete with toolbelt ;)) may have nicely affected the rest of my body, it had no lasting effects on my uterus. We are on our 12th consecutive cycle with no pregnancy. If we figure out how to make it happen I will be sure to pass it on. Holy crap...I just looked up anal bleaching.

Anonymous said...

Well, the little bugger didn't hang around long enough, but it did inhabit the uterus motel for a while, so I suppose this counts.

2 bottles of red wine and doggy position.

Kori said...

Since you like me and are a status symbol reader on my blog, and I want you to continue to do/be both, I am not syaing anything at all about how I got pregnant all these times.

Chelsea Lietz said...

Well, we miscarried, but we got pregnant using OPK's, mucinex to thin the cervical mucus, and low dose asprin to increase blood flow to the uterus.

Now we are trying clomid and prayers.

Jo said...

I like Fe's story best.

I'm afraid you'll all hate me: our tv broke. My husband was home on lunch. We were bored.

No-one came in anyone. Immaculate.

There was no inverting of me.

Bam. Surprise!

Anonymous said...

Baby#1: After seeing a chiropractor and having my pelvis adjusted worked a charm. She's now 6.

Baby#2: Broken condom. (Made up for the 18 months of Hard Work ttc #1)... but this baby miscarried at 10 weeks... which led to having a D&C which led to...

Baby#3: liked the renovations. Came in and made himself at home with weeks of us losing baby #2. Didn't know he was there until 6 weeks along. He's now 4.

(she says - finally delurking on your blog)

BABY STEPS said...

I can only advise on the first part (getting pg) dont ask me about the second part (staying pg)

step 1: Took Clomid
step 2: Internal Scan to get exzact date of ovulation
step 3: Got drunk
Step 4: Had Sex using Preseed as lube
Step 5: Pass out after (thus can't move until morning to shake any of the boys out

Why do you need a anal bleach if you are in the swimsuit, even a thong would cover it surely?

Anonymous said...

First one, Jehovahs Witnesses knocking on the door at the 'moment'

Second one, I was asleep.

True story.

Kristin said...

Can't help you, we ended up adopting. Good luck!
I admit though, now that we have gone through all the adoption stuff, I'm really glad I never had to be pregnant to have kids. My kids are mine no matter how they came to me. :)

People in the Sun said...

I had a joke comment but then I realized it wasn't funny. It happens to me a lot, but usually I don't notice it. Good luck.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Drowning our misery about a failed IVF after 4 years TTC in several rounds of Margaritas. Then it magically happened...naturally.

Anonymous said...

After 12 years of no baby, just miscarriage, we discovered the trick: skip out on a family obligation to fool around instead, then declare in a religious environment that you've come to terms with your childlessness and you're ready to live the life you got instead of the one you've been begging for. God laughs at you, switches everything up, and along comes a long looked for child. :)

Tara R. said...

Ever hear of a mucus plug... okay, dumb question. I read somewhere that when I lost that, I was mid-way in my cycle and that I had 48 hours to procreate. Then if knocked up during the first 24 hours I would be more likely to have a girl, the second 24, a boy. Conniving female I am, I managed to have a daughter and a son. I have no scientific proof that all that was correct, but it worked for me.

Jenn said...

After three years of trying, finally getting into the IVF program must have done something. I guess getting into the program and just knowing that someone was going to help took alot of pressure off and while waiting for my cycle, that never came, in order to start the process, I found out I was pregnant.

I guess, I just "let go".

However, I always laugh because for someone who was told she would never have children, I went on and had three.

Just to prove them wrong.

Dto3 said...

After several years of trying, my wife's cycle was due while I was out of the country on business. I ran to the airport, took the first flight I could get back home, called as soon as I landed and she waited naked on the living room floor until I arrived to yet another mechanical passion session. We hoped for the best and I headed back to the airport and back to work. A few thousand bucks and a few million manseed later, we were unsuccessful, yet again. Wait - you asked how we got pregnant, right? Well, unfortunately, no real magic on that one. Did what you are doing and by some miracle one of the dozens of procedures we endured worked. We're still not sure which. Good luck to you and E.T!

Anonymous said...

Our joke is that apparently in our house you can't get pregnant because both times it happened at someone else's house! Well actually the same person's house twice...Jared's dad's girlfriends (did you follow that) house after a drunken night of partying! Maybe it's that overwhelming feeling of youthfulness, the idea of getting caught, or being so drunk you really don't care. I'm not sure which it is, as long as it happens again with better results than the last (miscarriage in Aug.) but this time we are trying at our maybe that is our problem!
Keep the updates and funny blogs coming, I always enjoy reading about your misery too, because as you know, misery loves company!
Good luck, and I hope when the pregnancy finally happens you don't end up with a litter like that crazy woman in California..unless that is what you are going for!

Anonymous said...

I'd been in Ireland without my partner for a week when I had the thermal shift. I'd written the cycle off, but several weeks later, I had a miscarriage. That was my first clue that something was a little off. Then, there were the months of failing to conceive, despite perfect timing (according to the BBT charts and OPKs). What worked in the end was trying more days during the month (a lot more!), not just the days that the experts suggest. I suspect, based on when I've gotten pregnant, that not all bodies show the signs as regularly as others.

I've heard that signing up for adoption seminars is a great way to conceive too.

Best of luck. It will happen!

River said...

We did nothing special at all. We married, had sex whenever he was ready, had baby number one 18 months later. Baby number two followed 2 years and one day later, and so the story goes. No actual "trying" at all.
Maybe you should forget about going "hard at it" next week and just go at it easily as if you weren't trying, from today onwards. Since you're already relaxed and all.....

Anonymous said...

Baby #1: we "got away from it all" for a two week holiday in Turkey. Also helped by spectacular thunderstorm outside hotelroom window.

Baby #2: after nearly two years of trying, had an ectopic pregnancy and a fallopian tube removed. Maybe that was the problem, because I was pregnant less than three months later. (Also, I believe, helped by watching Brokeback Mountain on the night.)

Baby #3: ??? Just started trying, and failed first time, but the pressure is off because of the first two.

Good luck!

Martin said...

@Jane G - I'm ruined for life. Cheers...

@Fe - 53, my god I would locked away by then.

@Sue - Maybe we should try it in public...

@RobMonroe - brings a tear to my eye that story ;0)

@battynurse - have you got a pattern?

@Claire - wait... for 1 month? as in, it worked after 1 month?

@Ms. Moon - Those weren't his shoes... I can tell you that much.

@Alison - Old school eh?

@serenity - And well done too!

@Rikki - that much we have covered ;-)

@bsouth - again, ONE month, seriously?

@Single Parent Dad - noted, thank you sir.

@Christa - we have done that!

@areyoukiddingme - if nagging did it, we'd have octuplets...

@conortje - you have no idea how confused I was until I realised it was the anal bleaching you were referring to...

@Russ - meh...

@Maggie, Dammit - now, I do

@Ed (zoesdad) - Yeah, I hate you, did I mention that before?

@Putz - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha.

@Sadia - I love the 'we decided not to stress'!

@Lauren - But it's very cold in the bushes in Winter...

@Jo Beaufoix - All very straight forward!

@womb for improvement - I get divorced, I'll be blaming you.

@Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] - it's no fun doing it RIGHT!

@Heather - Wow, 2 very different experiences alright...

@Kim - Best of luck!

@Anja - 2 each, or split between you?

@Kori - 'All these times'

@Chelsea Lietz - our insurance doesnt cover prayers! The best of luck to you.

@jothemama - root of fig eh?

@Amanda - Intesresting ones there, chiropractor especially.
and welcome!

@Paint it Black - THATS where we go wrong, I usually pass out, not her...

@Kelley - the true meaning of a Jehova's witness

@Kristin - that's nice to hear, it takes special skills to adopt.

@People in the Sun - I notice it...

@James - **off to google margarita recipes...**

@Kamoye - wow, that's pretty severe, well done.
and welcome.

@Tara R. - show off!

@Jenn - Nice story, sometimes these things DO happen.

@Dto3 - living room floor...hmmm..

@Momma - When's the next party? On our way...

@Anonymous - I'm curious about teh charting now too, they are really very consistant, but what if they are consistantly wrong!

@River - I could not touch her at all, maybe that would work ;0)

@Anonymous - gay porn isthe way to go?
:0) thanks.

IrishNYC said...

5ish years of trying.
6 or so months with an RE including 4 hellish rounds of Clomid.
A one month break from RE because we were on vacation at the start of my cycle, and I was frankly sick of her.
On said break I was just looking forward to getting the next cycle started because we were going to begin preparation for IVF.
One night I went to bed and said, "Hey baby, let's do it." It was the only time during the break that we "did it."
2 weeks later, I peed on the magical stick and couldn't believe my eyes.
I still don't believe it.

Marissa said...

We did the pillow under the hips trick - it worked. I get preggo easily, just have hellish pregnancies. We women get knocked around one way or another.

I do remember a friend saying her cervical mucous was really thick. Some robitussin supposedly thins it out. She said that didn't really work for her. She said she went in with her finger and pulled a big goob of the stuff out of her cervix which she figured was acting as a plug for the friendly fellas she wanted swimming upstream. Bam, pregnant. She said she'd never felt herself up so accurately. (i can't believe i just typed all that up shamelessly and i feel no modesty in hitting send either for the entire world to hear about my friends thick mucoused cervix...)

Get ready, your sweating, grunting time is coming in just a few days.

Zoeyjane said...

A joint, half a chocolate bar, Jay and Silent Bob on the TV and a lack of relationship after 9 months of sneaking around, pretending to only be exes who were friends.

I think maybe all of the psych meds I was on helped to.

Now the last time? That involved a chair and rushing to beat out the wails of a child screaming with night terrors.

Anonymous said...

I would go with the shagging every day for the month. And the plain robitussin (guaifenesin).

Anonymous said...

You don't want to hear this, but with my second one (when it took 3 years to get pregnant again) I just stopped trying. I went so far as to throw out every baby item we had and I even went back to donating blood. Viola! Got pregnant right after that.

Another thing you don't want to hear (but you asked) is STOP TRYING for a few months. Go about your daily life, have sex when you feel the urge (will you ever feel the urge again after all this?)

God, I'll bet you're sick to death of hearing this particular piece of advice, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

maybe that anal bleaching idea might help?

You're probably right.

Anyhoo, I think the last time I got pregnant I drank a bottle of red wine.(I never drink) I don't remember much after that...maybe David is not the father...

I Am Emily... said...

January 2008 we decided we would start trying at the end of the year.

July 2008 I had put on a fair bit of weight and blamed my pill so announced I was going off it. Asked my partner if he wanted to use anything and he said no.

The first cycle in July/August I counted the days and tried to do the deed when I thoguht I was ovulating. Partner got mad and said that you arent supposed to 'try' just to let it happen. Got period and got upset.

Second cycle August/Sept I didnt worry about it, only counting my AF days so we would have a date to go on if we fell pregnant.

On the 24th of Sept I was 5 days late by my dates and wasnt too worried, thought the pill had mucked my cycles up. My cousin had a dream I was pregnant and my partners nan had a strong feeling and told a few family memebrs who said 'Dont be so silly, they arent even trying'.

So the day after I heard about this I went to the doctor as I had had the flu (and been sick too whch I didnt know was morning sickness) and she gave me a medical certificate for work and I casually mentioned my period was late. She took some urine and did a test.

After 2 minutes she announced 'Thats turning positive!' and I said 'WHAT? Show me!' Then floated on a cloud from there until I got to my car in the carpark. Started crying and called my partner and told him and he said 'I know.' He had a feeling already. Then he said 'Cool!'

By the doctors dates baby was conceived on 3rd of September, which was my 21st birthday. That day I went shopping and out for tea and had a fantastic time, then at 11pm bugged my partner that he hadnt 'loved me' so he loved me and I fell asleep in his arms. No running to the toilet and I was competely relaxed. Positions? Ummmm I think missionary and doggie but not sure, nothing silly.

So we fell pregnant on the second cycle after stopping the pill.

I hope that helps....a little personal isnt it?

I Am Emily... said...

maybe you could try something different every month? one month act like teenagers and get drunk and party and have sex at other peoples houses, then another month try weird positions, then another month forget about it, then another month try to have sex every day? Might help to start trying different things... something will have to work?

Momo Fali said...

What kind of swimsuit are you wearing?!

I almost hate to say it, but we didn't do anything special.

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

Oh you know, we just relaxed, stopped trying and it just happened...


Of course you know my whole story, but we had IVF and now I am beyond blessed with an amazing baby girl.

I loves me some medical science!

Can't wait to hear YOUR story of how you and ET finally got preggers.

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, but I have certainly been reading.

Lorna said...

I've been amused reading all these - for us the first was conceived on a weekend away in Eastborne (my husband had been away for what we thought was the ovulation so we thought we didn't have any chance that month) and our second was conceived the month my long-suffering husband had a bad back. No's 3, 4 & 5 ended in miscarriage and I honestly can't remember their conception so it probably suggests I've blotted it from my mind as they didn't end well!!
Delighted to hear someone say they are so happy with the adoptive process and their adopted children, it is something we are considering.

Best of luck next week!

Anonymous said...

I really don't want this to sound flippant, but I came off the pill, next time hubby was home on leave (2-3 weeks later???I got pregnant.

Second time we had an 'accident' on one of those 'once in a blue moon' nights and hey presto I was knocked up again.

Sorry, I know you now want to bash my head in with a heavy baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

Tell the missus to start taking the pill. Works for me every time!

'Antibiotics do what, now?'

Leslie Laine said...

Wish I could help with this one (really, I do), but I'm beginning to think that pregnancy is some mystical state of existence.

Wishing you the best on Cycle #24. There's something nice about the nubmer.

Amber DBTD said...

I told my husband I wanted to go off the pill in a month so we could start trying, then secretly stopped taking them that day. I like to think my sneakiness did the trick, because he was still enthusiastic about the babymaking, not knowing he was babymaking.

I know, I'm horrible.

Anonymous said...

#1- basal body temp checks for 6 months; sex everyday; feet up afterwards every time; clomid after 1 year of preggers and miscarried at 12 weeks; #2 quit sex (6 weeks); quit meds (4 months); started a Ph.D. program; got preggers and thought it was a tumor (it was Lilacspecs); #3- clomid for about a year-nothing; quit clomid (2 months) got preggers...ALMOST lost it but knew what to look for and ended up needing progesterone suppositories everyday for 5 months (lovely, walking around leaking progesterone goo all day, BUT, it saved the pregnancy) and had bouncin baby boy.

Keep at it, it will happen.

Anonymous said...

First pregnancy - can't remember the actual deed (yup, it was *that* good) but I know I sure as hell wasn't 'relaxed' and 'not trying'... after a couple of months trying (and lots of months charting prior) I was crying to my husband, "What the hell is *wrong* with me?" But we got there after a couple more cycles.
I'm currently 24 weeks knocked up with a baby that was conceived on a weekend away at a lighthouse keepers lodge with our parents. (And they are NEVER going to know...)
Very quiet sex (*whispered*: "Shut-up!") in a room with a sleeping toddler and our parents in adjoining rooms... Except for my dad who was still awake in the living room. Doing the walk of shame past him to the bathroom afterwards was probably the most mortifying experience of my life.

Martin said...

@IrishNYC - So far so good, right?

@Marissa - I hope your friends wasn't trying to keep that quiet!

@Zoeyjane - What did ye do with the chocolate bar?

@Anonymous - The shagging, we've got covered.

@Bonnie B. - in short...yes. ;0)0
but thanks.

@tiff - I don't think you can deny David those two!

@Tanya - nice one.Well it's all personal isn't it, no avoiding that!
24 months in... we've tried pretty much all those approaches.

@Momo Fali - My phelps speedo ;0)

@Hilary (Maya Papaya) - No worries, your hands are full!

@Lorna - Nice one, Eastbourne here we come. Best of luck!

@Tismee2 - Hhmmmmmm.

@K8 the Gr8 - That, we kind of want to avoid...

@Leslie Laine - I was told teh same about the number 23!
It really does seem like something that only happens others I must admit. So far away.

@Amber DBTD - I don't fancy ET's chances of conning me into thinking we are not trying.

@hotmamamia - Well, quite the sucess story there...

@Amy - That's a story I'd love to hear more of hahah.
Thank god you say you weren't relaxed too.

Anonymous said...

We had tried for 3 years with lap, clomid, HSG, failed IUI, etc ect. We were also labeled "unexplained infertility". We decided to take a break for a few months and on Thanksgiving weekend (the 2nd month of our break), we ended up drinking too much wine and doing it in the basement of my inlaws house. (blush)
I still can't believe we did it at my inlaws house but hell, that damn house has magical properties.

Jenni said...

With Oscar, I went off birth control pills in December 2005,and I started charting my ovulation based on change in my cervical mucuous, every month. I had my pre-conception visit in May 2006 and was declared all systems go. I'd been charting so long, and my cycle was so regular (24 days long, ovulating on the CD10) you could set your watch by it. We officially started trying in September 2006. We had sex CD7, CD8, CD9, skipped CD10, and then sex on CD11 and CD12. We were one shot wonders and got pregnant that first month.

With Miles, Oscar was only nine months so we were barely having sex at all, but I'd had my period back for about three months (I had lactation ammenoreah due to breast feeing for six months) and my cycle was still really irregular. We'd had sex one night and didn't bother with a condom, the next morning I notied my CM and realized I had ovulated. I told Nelson I though I was pregnant again and three weeks later we found out I was.

So, Miles was a surprise, but we both think not using a condom that night was the best thing we ever did. He's a prince.

Anonymous said...

After 4 years of trying and propping my unbleached ass on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I found a decent doctor who ran me thru every blood/hormone/ultrasound test imaginable.

All was normal so she then had me do a proceedure in which they pumped my "yute" full of saline. Then (using an ultrasound to see what they were doing) they stuck a tube up the nook, aimed it up into a fallopian tube and then shot more saline into the tube. they could see the water swish and swirl on the ultrasound and I could feel it rip across my gut. literally it tore the tube wide open. then they did the same to tube number 2 and in 10 minutes i was hobbling off back to work.

I used an ovulation test kit the next time hubby and I got "friendly" and bam we were finally preggos. What's crazy is i did not need to repeat the procedure to get knocked up the second time!!

total cost: zero. LOOOOOve socialized medicine but only when they give me an appointment in this current century.

AnnD said...

Baby #1: OPK's, temperature taking, cycle day watching, sex every other day no matter what, butt up in the air on a pillow after sex and then some extra orgasms for me to get the little spermies up near the cervix. One cycle conception.

Baby #2: Not sure; definitely didn't do OPK's or temp. taking; sometimes (depending on the CD) I did the pillow and extra orgasm thing but not consistently....hopefully there is something in there though. Still haven't had an U/S.

Jason Roth said...

I recommend hanging out with some teenagers and then getting drunk. Seems to work for them. Perhaps some of their recklessness will rub off on you.

Deb said...

God, I just choked on my water over anal bleaching as a possible pageant talent.

How did we conceive? In a doctor's office with the help of a little tube of my husband's sperm the first time. The second time, the good old-fashioned way -- a couple of glasses of wine.

Martin said...

@Jen - Send the address! good to hear sucess from an 'unexplained diagnosis'

@Jenni - Show off!

@geeksinrome - good results at least, and relatively simple precedure.

@AnnD - Continued good luck.

@iVegasFamily - Every bloody weekend man...

@Deb - Aww, the romantic way.

Anonymous said...

Oh my giddy aunt lol, this is what happens when I read a Dutch blog. I am still laughing. And I am looking forward to your stair picture.

Martin said...

@Hullaballoo - Bless you!

(not actually Dutch though, Paddy through and through!)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through the article in the IT.

I have 2 kids but have had 5 pregnancies. Close friends did IUI and then IVF many times finally resulting in twins, another did countless IUIs adopted a son and then had the surprise pregnancy after he came home.

Everything works nothing works, I did the hip propping and lie down things, the doggie style, the cm testing - am thankful I didn't have to go the intervention route, my problems are more the keeping them in there kind.

Best of luck to you, I truly wish you both well and hope something works sooner rather than later xx

Martin said...

@Anonymous - God, 3 losses is an awful lot to handle. Even with two children to hold onto.

"Everything works nothing works" sums it up 100% in terms of the advice.

All the best to you, and thanks.