Thursday 19 March 2009


I think we have a mole in the camp.

Someone out there is running to the enemy, someone is telling tales out of class, someone is being loose lipped.

The red menace is getting her information from somewhere, unless of course, shes reading this herself.

She heard that we were ready for her to sail into port over the weekend, so she made one last attempt to throw us off balance.

Today, which was day 24 of cycle 25, became day 1 of cycle 26. A startlingly short cycle, and no, there is no doubt about it.

We were not ready for it today, the realisation that the game as we've been playing it is finished now came as a bit of shock. We worked it out, shouting, slamming, crying, hugging.

I picked my dinner back up of the floor and we'll move on.

We are now in an IUI cycle. It's started, it's really happening, our next 9 days are all planned out.

It's exciting, and surprisingly nerve wracking, finally being eye to eye, with IUI.


Ian Newbold said...


Sarah said...

Booo to the red menace being a whore! Yay!! to the impending IUI!

I'll cross any and everything I can for you guys.

Lea said...

Sorry for the early arrival, but hooray for IUI!

Foster Mama said...

Whoo hoo!!!! That mean your IUI is even closer!!!!!! Best of luck!!!!

Heather said...

Yikes - ET's cycles just keep getting shorter and shorter, which confirm the need for intervention (as if 24 attemps and 0 successes wasn't enough proof).

I'll be hoping with everything I've got that Clomid gives what my RE calls an 'enhanced ovulation', and that the IUI seals the deal!

Interestingly enough, I'm 3 days past my first IUI with oral meds (Tamoxifen). We've been working on a baby since summer of 2006. I hope March turns out to be a lucky month for both of us.

Mick said...

Good Luck! This is it.

Oh, and the usual - Fingers. Crossed.

Robin said...

I agree. This is it. This is your time.

Anonymous said...

The whore finished up with C-Ro in the CA, hit me up in the MN, and I told her to fuck off and get over to your place where she's needed. You're welcome.

Crossing everything for you guys.

Stella said...

YAY!! IUI is a good next step. This will be your first cycle???

I will be watching...and sending all the good love and vibes I can your way.


Anonymous said...

good luck and happy fertilization!

Shauna said...

My first (and only) IUI was a success after 2 years of trying. I wish you the same good fortune.

Anonymous said...

Good luck,man. After multiple failed IUIs we're on our way to IVF land. It's kinda scary when it becomes a reality and not just a "well,next cycle...."

Ms. Moon said...

Eye to eye with the IUI. Very nice. Now...I hope it's nice to you.

Anonymous said...

May the jabbing commence.


I Am Emily... said...

She must have came early because she is going on a caribbean cruise for the next 9-10 months so she wanted to spend some time with you guys before she left...

Anonymous said...

Stab away, my dear XBox. It's what she would want.

Martin said...

@Single Parent Dad - Cheers sir.

@Sarah - She's here so we are off and running

@Lea - It's all good now.

@mrsmiller2007 - within 2 weeks!

@Heather - Yes, very short, thank god things are being done now. thats a long time for you, best of luck there.

@Mick - Stranger things have happenned.

@Robin (a.k.a. Toasty) - Could be!

@RRP - that was good of you!

@Stella - Yep, it's the first one, finally.

@Hockeyman - Cheers sir.

@sky girl - Now I like the sound of THAT!

@CableGirl - Thats a big step, good luck with it,these things make it real.

@Ms. Moon - you and me both!

@S - drugs and needles!

@Tanya - that was nice of her, bitch.

@Captain Steve - to our hearts content!

Anonymous said...

It's show time!! I am just knotted up for both of you. All the best!

Veronica Foale said...

Right, now we need 2 nice big follicles, no more, no less.

Donnamarie x said...

Ill continue reading with interest !!
fingers crossed !. x x x

Making Babies said...

All the best for your IUI cycle!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yay for the IUI!

Martin said...

@Penelope - dont get too knotted!

@Veronica - and both hungry !

@Bubba - Thanks, and welcome.

@Making Babies - Cheers.

@Ali - Yay indeed!

Mo said...

missed this before. will be following along. may it all go well (and fast).

thinking of you two


Jenni said...

ooooh, but the red looks good on the blog!

so excited for you guys, yay!

Martin said...

@Mo & Will - Thanks, mind yourselves.

@Jenni - yeah it's growing on me too