Monday 27 July 2009

Don't tell Bono

Little Fitz has doubled in length again this week.

I presume it has at least, because that's what 'the books' are telling us.

In fact, it could be doing absolutely anything in there, anything at all. I picture it sprawled out and scratching itself, reading Stephen King paperbacks, playing air guitar on its umbilical chord, stopping occasionally to choose something to munch on from the placenta platter. When it's time for a scan, it hurriedly hides all its paraphernalia under the yolk sac and assumes the foetal position for the camera.


Anyway, the growth is jolly news in itself, but toss in the fact that its relatively humongous head should hopefully not have grown this week, and we can celebrate having a less Gollumesque looking foetus inflating my wife.

If you are going to have your entire metabolism abused by a complete stranger, it might as well be a cute one I say.

A couple of 'firsts' have happened this last week for the bellydweller too.

(S)he has been registered at day care. Stop laughing. Another one of Holland's unique aspects on all this, we've asked for three days a week sometime from August 2010, and if we are really, really, really lucky, we might get them.

Also, while technically not its first live music experience, (that particular privilege goes to Holland's answer to 'The Commitments'), the kid did go to its first proper rock concert in the shape of U2.

I expect that the mutating one was just as underwhelmed as I was.

The 'first' that I'm most proud of is the fact it managed to get in for free, sneaking in under ET's t-shirt. At about 100 euro a ticket, that made papa very proud.

Kidlet is already earning its keep.

Very proud indeed.


River said...

Reading Stephen King paperbacks? Li'l Fitz has good taste. said...

Oh, and not Kafka?

Hmmm....U2 Concert!!!! Wonderful!!!

It could even be trying its hands at Sitar or tap dancing, you know!

Ms Avery said...

Is it air guitar, or water guitar? Amniotic fluid guitar?

mammydiaries said...

On the Snot Queen's first ultrasound, she looked disturbingly like a rat, which unfortunately meant that for the remainder of the first trimester I reffered to her as my rat baby. It wasn't until the "cute" ultrasound at 14 weeks that we got the traditional "aaaaaahhhh! What a gorgeous little baby" scan we'd been hoping for, upturned nose, proportional head (relatively speaking) and decidedly human features as opposed to rodent. Love the name kidlet btw:)

Edith said...

You're getting more and more Dutch... sneaking the baby in for free!!!!! ;)

You didn't register for kindergarten yet???


Mo said...

Excellent! Kidlet. Way to get into the concert free! And maybe, just maybe you'll get to go into daycare too...Just catching up with you and ET after being away on our trip. So glad to hear that things are progressing so well!!


Sarah said...

You have a very active imagination. =)

B said...

Good thing it's not Lord of the Rings, there'd be a serious problem for space there.

What was wrong with U2? Too big of a crowd and no real stage presence?(most people mistake stage presence for the general excitement level of the crowd, they're different)

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, you've had to register at day care already? That's outrageous (possibly as outrageous as my spelling but I couldn't be bothered to go and look it up, sorry).

Russ said...

U2 just isn't worth the money. Of course I saw them after seeing Pink Floyd. Just no comparison.

AnnD said...

I hope that baby is reading Stephen King paperbacks! That would rock! But, considering what a talented write you are, I'm guessing it's more like Faulkner or Hemingway.

I also love the idea of chooing a munchie from the placenta platter!

You should put up a ticker or something so when we log on we know right were Lil' Fitz is at.

AnnD said...

writer, not write.

See! My kid is the one reading SK books!

Anonymous said...

lucky you, in Italy they want a birth certificate before they will let you sign up for daycare!

so funny you moved in on Fritz's turf to see U2. poor E, 100 weeks pregnant!

Kori said...

Placenta platter? You are one sick bugger. Even more so for going to a U2 concert; gag. :)

MissyBoo said...

Did you know at 11 weeks, Lil' Fitz can swallow? Just thought I'd share that bit of information, I've been saving you from my recent bit of study ;)

Bonnie B. said...

Sounds like you're just jealous, Xbox. The kid gets to laze around reading and snacking and the U2 was delightfully muffled for him/her. Am I right?

ME! said...

What a great environment for a Stephen King..and dark and muffled sounds. :)

Love the term "Kidlet" :)

Glad that ET is doing well!!

Krystal said...

Good job teaching the little one early - hey, they gotta earn their keep somehow right?

Blues said...

Don't get used to the kid getting freebies. I think from here on out the kid is a black hole that sucks away money...or so I'm told.

steph said...

Great lift, thanks!

May Little Fitz long continue to keep your creative juices flowing!

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) said...

about time someone got one over on that prick bONO! does Li'l Fitz have a facebook account yet or better yet a blog?

Ginny said...

Well that's just great. Bono would have used Baby Fitz's ticket money to buy himself yet another pair of douchey colored sunglasses (OK, probably just the left lens, but still). And you've denied him that. He'll tell the pope what you did. Oh yes, he will.

Jenni said...

I always imagined my boys in there swimming laps. In my mind, Oscar had a mean breathstroke, but I always imagined Miles doing a backstroke. :)

Arjan said...

I know I'm not too much of a regular overhere..but just to get it straight..are you from the Netherlands or do you 'just' live here for now?

I know a couple of people who went to the U2 concert too, heard it was awesome!

Liz said...

Day care registering already? Bloody hell that is organised.

I didn't know you had it in you, actually you don't ET does (literally speaking).

Martin said...

@River - Beats Twilight anyway

@WiseGuy - Ravi Shankar & co?

@Ms Avery - Oh dear me.

@mammydiaries - ratbaby. Dammit if I hadnt already come up with a name...

@Edith - Drie halen, twee betalen!

@Mo and Will - heheh thanks.

@Sarah - heh, tip of the iceberg.

@B - whats the best way to explain it...
They were exactly as I expected, very very good.
Just nothing, extra...

@bsouth - Yep, we coudl probably take our chances on a really crap place and no register for a few weeks.

@Russ - I never got the whole PF thing.

@AnnD - You SO have the wrong impression of my choice of reading matter ;-)

@geeksinrome - If we waited until the birth we might get 3 days in 2011.

@Kori - meh.

@M+B - Which begs the question, what's it swallowing?

@Bonnie B. - I wish it was muffled for me.

@Lorza - you know, I have warmed to kidlet myself!

@Krystal - exactly, bring home the bacon.

@Blues - **fingers in ears**

@steph - Aw Thanks

@Quickroute - gah, dont beputting ideas into my head!

@Ginny - I'm not sure which of the two I find more irritating to be honest.

@Jenni - Hmmm, not here, good swimmers aren't really in my genes.

@Arjan - 'Just' living, 8 years plus now.

@Womb for Improvement - not so much organised as very necessary. Waiting a few weeks more would probably lose us months.

James (SeattleDad) said...

Fitz is currently livin where the streets have no name.

That child will be born with good music taste.

Anonymous said...

Placenta Platter?? I wonder where I might find that tasty sounding morsel---perhaps in the Twilight series I'm reading now???

But I am jealous that little Fitz got to go to U2...I hope s/he had the little earplugs on for protection!

Can't wait for the next pic!

And I thought we were bad in getting on waiting lists for daycare...holey moley!

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Oh the imagery of the foetus playing air guitar on her umbi cord.

suzannanana said...

Been away to California helping with baby #5 for daughter #2. Love the happy thoughts and feelings. Many happy thoughts for li'l and et too.

B said...

I get you, Arcade Fire done the same for me both times, as did Bjork.

Springsteen completely overwhelms though.

Putz said...

you are going to have so much fun with fitz fitz plop fitz, already you are playing with him/her and he/her is so in your thoughts now, when the time comes it will be overload

Elfinamsterdam said...

Am watching Life Before Birth (Life in the Womb) really cool, and thinking you three would love it :)
Let me know if you want a loan.

Glad all in the land of babydweller it good xx

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh that kid is good. You should have got under there too. ET could have just said she was having triplets or had an extra breast or something.

Limerick Gal said...

I've been slack in keeping up with you, so I decided to pop over tonight and play a little catch up. All I can say is congratulations!! I'm so very happy for you both. Best wishes to you! :)

Martin said...

@James (SeattleDad) - that's debatable, but it will have plenty of exposure at least.

@hotmamamia - and dont get me started on the prices!

@tiff - have to keep busy in there!

@suzannanana - Thank you!

@B - I look forward to catching Springsteen.

@Putz - not for the first time putz, you are absolutely right.

@Elfinamsterdam - I'll have it downloaded in a half hour ;-)

@Jo Beaufoix - I know I look like a bit of a tit, but that would be pushing it.

@Limerick Gal - Hey Delores! thanks, hope you're keeping well.

A Free Man said...

You know what's a long time? 40 weeks. I suspect it is even longer for the ladies, but man 40 weeks is a long time.

Rachel said...

Save and be thrify now, because once Little Fitz makes it to the outside, all of your money will be mysteriously gone!

People in the Sun said...

My boy heard Stevie Wonder while swimming in his mother's belly. Which makes him much cooler than your kidlet.

Sinead said...

So when do you have to enroll Fitz in school? During labor?

Martin said...

@A Free Man - hehe, you sound a tad antsy there....

@Rachel - I've seen the prices for day care, I'm already ahead of you.

@People in the Sun - yeah well mine can play the intro to superstition on its yolk sac.

@Sinead - Don't joke!
Bizarrest thing is to see both 'childs name' and 'expected delivery date' on an applpication form.

Ian Newbold said...

For some bizarre reason I can't get passed the man from the church posing as Bono in Alan Partridge. Have you seen it? I have Homer Simpson's brain.

Martin said...

@Single Parent Dad - No! I must find it and have a look.

Anonymous said...

I've never had the pleasure of seeing U2 in concert. Perhaps one day, your little one can come and escort me . . .