Tuesday 25 May 2010

The days of the dinosaurs

It seems like a million years ago since we regularly whispered in various waiting rooms waiting for ET’s name to be called. A million years since creaky seats, season old magazines, and questionable artwork.

It seems like a million years since the big black umbrella pooled rainwater around its silver tip as we waited in the lesser seen corridor behind the heavy door. A million years since we were finally called to come further.

It seems like a million years since ET took up her, by then all too familiar, position, spread-eagled at sitting head height. A million years since the niceties and pleasantries, ‘terrible weather last night’ before ‘now I’m going to insert it’.

A million years since ‘You can lie there and relax until you’re ready to go home.’ A million years from going home. A million years since a fortnight felt like a million years away.

It seems like a million years ago that the lack of clarity about what I believed in vanished. A million years since I realised that I believe in science and what it can achieve, in biology and what it cannot, in what I can touch, see, feel or hear. A million years since I knew I believe in people, their skills, what they say and do, since I knew I’d rather have a man in a white coat than one on a white cloud every single time.

It seems like a million years ago, but it’s only been one.


Russ said...

By the time you turn around, another year (or million) will have passed.

Jenni said...

You're going to blink and Sanne will be one, just wait.

Veronica Foale said...

Reading Jenni's comment, I suggest you just stop blinking. It might help.

Putz said...

so when do you have number two and then number three and then you need the 12 tribes of nappy so that means 12 more boys>>>your work is not done, my friend, not DONE AT ALL

Ms. Moon said...

Truth here.

Bonnie B. said...

Yes, it seems like a million years ago. And good riddance to those million years!! Reading that post again made me remember the enormously tough times you both went through. But the happy ending is..........bliss!!

areyoukiddingme said...

What an anniversary...glad it seems like a million years ago.

Unknown said...

Now come on XBox, no need to call yourselves dinosaurs yet! Those days are when Sanne gives you 'that look' when you ask her if you can help her with her maths homework!

Ginny said...

I've said it before, I'll just recycle it here: I'm so very gla the universe pulled its head out of its arse, and let Sanne happen.

Liz said...

I just wish dionsaurs were extinct world over!

AnnB said...

Welcome to the other side of waiting - no dodgy artwork and old magazines here!

People in the Sun said...

And before you know it, you'll be able to get your Xbox back for some one-on-one with her.

John Braine said...

Crazy isn't it? It's like another life altogether eons ago. Nothing like listening to your wife wailing with sorrow in the shower every morning. So glad that's in an era now long gone.

Jodie said...

It may seem like a million years ago, but I hope you don't have to relive it. But it is an awesome feeling knowing that after all that work, you have an amazing beautiful little girl to show for it.

Sinead said...

Incredible that it has been a year and brilliant that it all worked out for you. I am sure you still have a massive smile on your faces.

she is adorable by the way.

annieg said...

I too believe in the men in white coats as opposed to the man in the white clouds. They seem a lot more reliable and rational! Great post! Well done on getting here - after a long and arduous journey!

River said...

I'd rather have the man in the white coat too. Much faster results.

geeks in rome said...

happy anniversary!!
and Amen to Holy Hippocrates!

Mwa said...

I'd rather have a man in a white coat than one on a white cloud every single time.

- Amen, my brother. Amen.

AnnD said...

It's hard to imagine that you ever existed without them.

I even have trouble remembering your pre-Sanne days. I like to think that her presence was there the whole time. I had heard someone say once that their kids were in some cosmic holding facility waiting to be conceived so they could come down to earth. Sounds a little creepy, but I always thought it sounded like a very cool idea too!

Martin said...

@Russ - It's looking that way

@Jenni - Stop!

@Veronica - Oddly, the child rarely blinks.

@Putz - I would say it's pretty close to being done!

@Ms. Moon - yep yep!

@Bonnie B. - all very true.

@areyoukiddingme - me too, thats for sure.

@Irritatingly Optimistic - We get that look now.

@Ginny - 10 points for use of arse.

@womb for improvement - Indeed, there's always hope though.

@AnnB - just dodgy magazines :-)

@People in the Sun - Splinter Cell here I come.

@John Braine - Ugh. Terrible, dark times.

@Jodie - reliving it is a discussion for a whole other day!

@Sinead - we do, pretty much constantly.

@annieg - It was the turning point for me anyway, I'm no longer in any doubt.

@River - True that!

@geeks in rome - Hippocrates or hypocrites ?

@Mwa - Yes, Amen to that.

@AnnD - Hmmm, a tad creepy ;-P

sniffle said...

that's good x-box. dammed good man - jesus what a story .

Blues said...

I really enjoyed this.

You put into words exactly how I feel about science vs. faith. I can pray myself into an oblivion but this shit just ain't happening. Not that I tried, but other people prayed did and it didn't work! I'll have to call up my parents and tell them that I'm following a new prophet - my fertility doctor.