Wednesday 25 July 2007

Green Green Fingers & Other Stories

It's rare enough these days to feel a sense of achievement but right now I do !

I've mowed my first ever lawn at almost 30 years of age !
Yes pathetic as it is, up until about 3 hours ago I was a mowing virgin.
But no more ! hurrah.

In similar fashion to one of those sitcom episodes where they just seamlessly use clips from old episodes to fill the time I find I feel the need to appeal to DorkyDad and to DooDaddy ! Don't forsake me my good men for my outing of myself as a 'non-fan' of Harry Potter. Of course within hours of my declaration both announced here and here that they and every sane person on the planet , are.

I also want to say Hola ! to Dondi Tiples who has a great blog over at
Thanks for popping by, and leaving the good luck message, I too hope we conceive soon, otherwise this blog will descend into nothing but a collection of smutty doing-the-squishy stories that I'm sure I, my wife or anyone with the abilty to read and a human stomach will not be able to handle. Keep up the really good blogging.

And finally, A big congratulations to the now fraudulently named expectant father on the birth of his new baby son. All the best to Baby, Mum, and Dad.

We will now return to routine programming.


Doodaddy said...

Aw, man, now you're just teasing me! So, I've succumbed to the madness. There are worse vices!

Martin said...

Nah, my inner toddler has this stubborn streak that forbids me to join in on something that is seen as universally popular. Like Sudoku, cutlery, and being clothed in public.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the good wishes and the link.

I would leave a witty comment about not being an expectant father anymore but my sleep deprived brain isn't up to it at the moment!


Anonymous said...

Funny - I am shocked at the Harry Potter phenomenon. I myself know nothing about Harry, nor do I have any desire to find out. My sister, on the other hand vows to have my son dressed in Harry Potter garb by next Halloween. I am admittedly a Star Wars geek however. My son and I are going as Han and Luke for Halloween. I win! ... for now.

Martin said...

You have a little over 12 months to have you sister taken care of. I'm not sure who I'm quoting when I say I mean that in the Al Pacino sense and not in the Mary Poppins sense.

Potter must be stopped.