Wednesday 18 July 2007

Wrong Baby Recipe

No Alcohol
No Smoking
No Drugs
No Tight Pants
No Post Gym Session Saunas
No Stress
Missionary Only
Vitamin C for Antioxidents
Zinc for increased motility
No Caffeine
Dong Quai
Buckets of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
etc etc etc....

Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, have I seen it mentioned she should neck 3 pineapple bicardi breezers and he should slug 6 pints of cider before having a knee trembler against the graveyard wall.

Why not ? it works for the majority of 16 year olds round here....


Doodaddy said...

A Knee Trembler. Man, I wish I could talk like that.

Unknown said...

Hey, maybe that's the secret to fertility. I think you've hit on something there.

Martin said...

I think I've nailed it.
Being underage and drunk = perfect conception conditions.

Knee Trembler...Shakespeare it aint !