Monday 9 July 2007


No, not the hit TV show that my sister oozes about but I've never gotten around to watching, but rather the number of hours within which everything could change, forever.

I don't mean ford focus V toyota avensis change, but real life, grown up, everything going arse over tit change.

Little Mama is 'due' tomorrow, religiously for the 9 years I've known her, she has symptoms for 1 to 2 days before hand. So far, nothing.

Is this a good or a bad thing ?

The eager beaver within me wants to take it as a positive sign, while the steady eddie in me wants to put it down to stress of trying to conceive and moving to a new home. (Incidentally, a really odd symptom of stress in Little Mama is that her lips get fuller, redder and tender, before falling away to a flakey dry, facinating, I know).

The past few days with the move and all the usual drama of what comes with that, washing machines that refuse to go up three flights of stairs, severing through my own telephone connection etc etc, have kept me pretty preoccupied but now, faced with the (sur)real prospect of what could unfold in the coming hours, days, weeks, months, (f*&% !) years ! I'm beginning to get wee butterflies in my stomach...

Time will tell....


Unknown said...

Try to relax as much as you can. But at least she is regular. Mine wasn't. That was HIGHLY annoying when we were waiting for a kid.

Good luck!

eagerblogger said...

I enjoyed reading this. Well, I'm not saying I enjoyed knowing you're stressed out, ha ha. But it's really different looking at it from a man's point of view. :)