Monday 5 November 2007

Heidi and the 'Ho

I haven't got a bull's notion what that title means.

Anyway, the doom and gloom has lifted and we're back on planet Disney for the next three weeks. Although these cycles of 'Woo Hoo' and then 'Boo Hoo' are becoming as monotonous and as ugly as glimpses of Britney's snatch, we are filled with the joys again.

So whats new? Well, my little jetsetter wife is 'doing a Heidi'. That's not as much of a fantasy scenario as you may imagine but rather she's heading to Switzerland for two days to teach them... er... stuff. I'm presuming it's neither skiiing nor yodeling, but it could be how to form opinions. So I'll have a couple of days on my tod to prime myself in manly ways for her return, before unleashing my beast like prowess upon her.

I'm beating my chest as you read.

In other news, I've won the internet's equivalent to, ooooh, I dunno, say, 'best dog at show' or something similar over at DorkyDad, who now has the best tagline north of Copenhagen. A six multi pack of lubricant and 3 new flannels are winging their way to my mailbox, closely followed by a pair of federal agents I suspect.

Oh and before I forget, Mrs Xbox = Heidi and Britney = The 'Ho, see? Easy.


Lance said...

I figured out your title right before you told me in the blog entry. Damn, we think alike. It must be a male thing or maybe it is because I write about Britney's snatch too!

Martin said...

Lance, simply put, this can NOT be a good thing.

Therapy all round.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning the contest! You got my vote... :)

Martin said...

Way hey!

I think you should run a contest too, first prize of say, that kid you got hanging around. I'd try and come up with something real good for that !


Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

Congrats on your victory!

I'm so glad to see you're feeling a bit more uplifted. How was Ireland?

Martin said...

Thanks !, I feel a winning streak coming on so I've just withdrawn this months mortgage payments and I'm off to do the lottery. Win-Win.

Ireland was, OK, it's changing so much in recent years, some ways good, and many bad. But it was good to get away for a very brief break.

10 days until the next one ! oh life is tough....

Unknown said...

Crap. I had no idea about the title. I'm an idiot.

Did you do a victory lap, by the way? You should have done a victory lap. I always do victory laps.

Martin said...

A lap I did indeed...tripped over the power cables behind my pc though.

Craig D said...

Huh. When I saw that first picture I thought maybe you had blown your dorkydad gift card on $20 worth of Riccolo cough drops.

Now I find out you blew it in a different part of the chemists...

Martin said...

Boom Boom....!

Out of curiosity, do you normally use the term chemist? or are you european-ing.

You never hear that much these days.

Craig D said...


I was trying to sound all worldly an' stuff.

You know, dust bins and all that.

Me lorry's gone cracker for crumpets on the loo.

Not half he didn't!

Martin said...

That's funny, I do the same in reverse.

If what I wrote was an exact reflection of how I speak to a friend I don't think anyone in the states would have a clue what I was talking about.