Wednesday 31 October 2007


Well, Halloween visited us with all it's fury, bringing an unwelcome visitor along for good measure.

The Prick.

Thats 6 months now and a real milestone. 70% are normally successful in this time, I can't help it but a bad feeling is starting to creep in.

We both need a break from all this so I'm going away for a few days. Ireland.
Fresh air and some old familiar faces might help with a bit of perspective.

We'll see.


Craig D said...

Well, happy All Saints' Day.

Hope you return all refreshed and everything, Pal.

Lance said...

I just love Ireland. I'm jealous. I'm in California. Along way from the motherland. Have a great time.

Martin said...

craig: thanks, I'm sure ill return as annoying as ever, again. and congrats on the job again also. still reckon you should head to europe though...

lance: have you been much? a very much changed place over the last 15 years but still home at the end of the day.

thanks for dropping in.

Craig D said...

Well, my paternal Grandmother hailed from Scotland and I have some other relative living somewhere in Australia.

Come to think of it, my Canadian parents moved to the USA so their kids could have a better life.

But that was over 50 years ago.

I guess a lot can change in a half-century...

Martin said...

When then I would be very surprised if you didn't find Irish roots within a generation of your grandmother.

Also the number of Irish who 'traveled' to Australia 150 back are huge. And when I say traveled I mean deported by the British.

So it's a good bet you've some Irish in you, and if not, Scots is a good enough second!

Doodaddy said...

Sorry about all that -- but it sounds like you're handling it well. A few days away where they serve the beer the way you like it. Nice.

Have a good time!

Martin said...

You know, again, as has always seemed to be the case, I get worked up when the news doesn't go our way. But with a day or so to calm down again it's never as bad as it seemed.
It's undoubtedly getting harder each time, and as milestones come and go it's easy to get worked up all over again.

But this trip, and one together in a fortnight will keep us occupied and moving along.

Thanks for the words, they always seem to reign me back in to a place with a little more perspective.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'd consider pushing people to vote for you in my tag line contest poll ... Kadi Prescott is surging thanks to her own marketing efforts! It wouldn't take THAT much to overcome your huge lead.

Then again ... you do have a huge lead.

And did they set lots of massive fires in Ireland yesterday?

Martin said...

Yes, unknown to most arson is our national sport. That pesky ceasefire in the north has set the standard back a bit though....

I'm winning then...Hmmm I obviously wasn't vulgar enough then

Hilary (Maya Papaya) said...

Good for you for taking a holiday. A bit of fresh air never hurt anyone.

By the way, I'm adding a link to your blog on my blog...hope you don't mind

Unknown said...

Hey, X, you won my contest! But I need you to shoot me an e-mail so I can arrange for your award!

Martin said...

Yep I think the short break was nice, if nothing else it breaks up the 'useless' time of the month !

Way Hey... and who says cheaters never prosper !
I'll be in touch !