Sunday 9 December 2007

Morning Glory

Yes, yes my mind is still in the gutter this morning, but so are yours, admit it, you thought the same thing.

Anyway, this is just a super quickie to proclaim to the world that I am a winner!

Ole! Ole! I hear the peasants cry.

Now if you could see me sitting here in my tattered underwear, unkempt hair (doing a remarkably good impression of Amy Winehouse), morning breath, and with a little man hammering at my brain with a mini pick-ax thanks to the obscenely cheap bucket of wine I drank last night, you may find MANY words to describe me.

I'm in no doubt that 'Nice' would not be one of them.

Veronica, on the other hand, who is obviously feeling the side effect of questionable judgement from too many sleepless nights, has decided to bestow the following on me.

While I wonder if she's confused this award with the 'Occasionally not a total prick' award, I gratefully accept this and will have it tattooed on my left buttock.

If you take a trip over to her new shiny re-hosted blog at sleepless nights you'll see from her entries and comments that she is infinitely more deserving of such an award than this semi dressed, semi hungover dirty old man.

Now I hear music and a pair of 7 foot blondes in ball gowns are dragging me from the stage so I bid you all adieu....

P.S. maybe 'Nice' on the left and 'Matters' on the right buttock?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! It must be your day! You need to come over to the circus for a minute.

Martin said...

Well, well, well, you Aussies are in fine form today!

You cheeky minx!

Lance said...

I swear I'll trade our nappy rash for your xbox, plus you can throw in last evening.

Dude, I am SO jealous! BTW, How is the Netherlands today?

Martin said...

Netherlands is wet, windy and dull until further notice, you can expect that to come sometime in July or August next.

At least your adopted Germany has some nice scenery for this weather...

LoL sounds like the terrible two are a bit of a handful are they?

I'd gladly swap the lot for what you have...

What price just one of them even? top dollar offered lol.

disclaimer - I do not in any way condone the buying or selling of infant children.

Anonymous said...

You very much deserve it!

Sleepless Nights

Martin said...

Thanks V.

frog ponds rock... said...

Hellloooo *waves*

cheers kim

Martin said...

Hi Kim,


Joeprah said...

Dude, you always crack me up. I just pictured you in your morning wasn't pretty...I just pictured myself after a bender and sat myself somewhere in the Netherlands...ewwww. Congrats on the award, you are rather nice afterall.

Martin said...

I can safely say you would struggle with the 3 kids after a night on the tiles here. I'm not able for it anymore.

Nice eh? Meh, overrated.