Thursday 13 December 2007


Having been tagged and sent into a murderous rage by DooDaddy with 7 random facts, and previously by Tiff for 10 random facts, coupled with the fact I'm anal about outstanding "To-Dos" I'm gonna chuck them all in together and give you 17 of the blighters.
  1. I still have milk teeth.
  2. I hate milk.
  3. I'm jealous of almost all of you that I read nowadays.
  4. I'm terrified that I won't be able to be a Dad.
  5. I have an obscenely large Adam's apple.
  6. I once changed the way I used to spell my name for over a year when I was 12 because of the way one of my idol football players spelled his.
  7. I get my sense of humour from the one grandparent that was alive when I was born. Until the day she passed last year at almost 97 years of age she had everyone wetting themselves at her very black humour. Sleep well Nan.
  8. I sing really loud when I'm alone in the car on the motorway.
  9. I don't say the things I always should to ET, I always regret not doing so afterwards, yet continue to make the same mistake over and over.
  10. I'm still using a health insurance scheme I have since my previous employer and I don't know if I should be allowed....but it's a great deal so I'm keeping my gob shut.
  11. I don't think I'm really an adult.
  12. If I lived 500 years ago I would be Irish royalty, my 'family' were one of the most powerful clans in Irish history.
  13. I never really did for the last 19 years but in the last few months I find I really miss my mother, or at least 'a' mother, I'm not sure which.
  14. I have a tattoo.
  15. The smell of brandy makes me vomit.
  16. My favourite movie is a tie between 'snatch' & 'lock, stock, & two smoking barrels'.
  17. I feel quite lonely lately.
  18. One extra - for Foreigner By Default - I owe you a meme but I will probably never do it. I don't really understand it.... I'm sorry my stupidity will deny you but I'll try make it up somehow.
Well now, that should suitably depress you just in time for the weekend!

I now open the floor for any questions you may have, yes you, spotty, glasses at the back...

I'm off to try and find the same 4 addresses that I can never find at Christmas when I need to send cards. I may then just hurl myself down the stairs in an effort to snap - myself out of it, or my neck, which would be ok cuz I got me a super cheap and illegal health insurance scheme.

Roll on the weekend.


terancedubya said...

Ya know, I think I still have like 3 or 4 of these so called "tags" to do and I have yet to even start them. I'd like to say that I have better things to write about, but then I'd be fibbing. I guess I'm just lazy. Or a jerk. Whatever.

Martin said...

I'm not a big fan myself, but I hate having them hanging over me.

Oh and we're men, we're ALL jerks...


♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Great list ... I just finished my 7 random things after being tagged to many times to remember who tagged me first.
I hope you get to be a Dad real soon - you will make a sensational Dad.

NH Yocal said...

You need to CHEER up!!!! NOW!!!

Keep your Adam's apple up and stay away from the Brandy. Then take some time to think about what you want to say to ET, even if it is late. Better late, than never.

Martin said...

@baby~amore -
Thats a really sweet comment to make, you've no idea how much of a boost that gives me. Thank you very much.

@Melinda - I don't like it when I'm a bit fed up. Normally I'm really up for it in the middle of the month and only get down at the end when we fail, this month is different, I dunno if it is Christmas or something else but I'm just not very optimistic this month, too many failures I guess.
Very sound advice and I DO intend to take it.
Thank you.

Sarah said...

1.)I too hate milk. Blech!
2.) being an adult is over rated I think. And so I refuse.
3.)'snatch' & 'lock, stock, & two smoking barrels'....fraking awesome movies!!

I think we'll get along juuuuust fine. =)