Saturday 8 December 2007

Wet and wild

That's the story for tonight...

Of course I'm not referring to volume 7 of my favourite adult entertainment series, but rather, the weather forecast.

The wind is howling, the rain is thundering, and a fine cold breeze whipping up.

So ET is doing some fine smelling cooking, I'm about to light some candles, turn the lights down low, select some serious tunes, open up a bottle of some dodgy vino, and sink into the sofa with heavy hazy eyes and fuzzy minds in front of some non-descript movie of some sort, before (**cough** **cough** ) retiring for the evening....

In my youth when I'd had a few too many, I always managed to find my way home, here's hoping my 'boys' have inherited my tipsy homing skills.

Just so you know, eh ?


Doodaddy said...

Wet and rainy in Holland... make sure you plug that dike! Don't want any floods!

Anonymous said...

Hope the vino helped your boys hit the mark.
Did you know that the ovum (eggy) actually spins and turns when the littl guys find her. We women are always making choices and changing our minds, even at the most basic level!
When she (I'm talking about the egg now) detects the tadpole with the strongest concentration of enzyme she slows and stops. THen all the taddy's friends help him along,by breaking down the protective layer of the egg for him, giving him a heads up, so to speak. Pretty amazing stuff, when you think about it.

Ok, enough trivia for a Sunday.
Thinking of you guys...innocently of course!

Anonymous said...

I'm just sitting here flabbergasted at Tiff's knowledge of eggy things. I should really email her some more and find out all this stuff.

Good luck, sure the vino has to help. Also? There is something on my blog for you. (or there will be in about 15mins when I hit publish.)

Sleepless Nights

Martin said...

@Doodaddy -
I spent my first 12 months here in dreaded fear of the rain, with 70% of the country under sea level, I was convinced I'd have to make my way to the roof every time a shower lasted more than 10 minutes...
Needless to say this country manages water in all forms better than anyone on this planet, quite impressive actually.

Oh and to further illustrate my idiocy...I can't swim.

@Tiff -
I'm glad you're "thinking" of us, as creepy as that sounded given the context of my post lol...

You know what, I think that may explain a lot, your little biology lesson. If the other guys are supposed to help the chosen one make his way through that's it!
I'm a sulky, spiteful git and if one of my mates can have something I can't then I'm not a happy it seems inconceiveable (geddit? boom! boom!)that any of my own boys would be party to helping another get the prize they all want.
There's probably a stand off going on in there as we speak.
I feel a proper post coming on the back of this revelation! thanks tiff, as always.

@Veronica -
Oooooh...I'm gonna go have a look see, over at your 'new and improved shiney new rehosted blog"

terancedubya said...

Eggcellent sir...That's horrible, I know, but when you put a picture of Barry White on your site, I can think of nothing else. Cheers to a fine evening.

Joeprah said...

LOL! 'your boys' homing skillz are deft I am sure. Best of luck to those brave lads.

Martin said...

@TD - Cheers for the eggcellent comment.
Barry Rules do wokka wokka. Incidentally I was once told I looked like him.
I look NOTHING like him.

@Joeprah - Thanks, give them a cheer, they need all the encouragement they can get these days. Poor old gits.