Friday 20 July 2007

This Tagging Lark

8 Random things about me ?

Its news to me, but it seems I've been tagged by the one and only Doodaddy. Feeling like a shy kid who's been made to sing a song for his distant cousins, or who has to expose his backside to a neighbour so she can remove splinters, I have battled through the anxiety and managed to finally come up with 8 random things about my average self that I'm not afraid to tell the WWW of strangers. Not as easy as you might think for someone who has been writing about the frequency of which he bumps uglies with his wife, but anyway, I diverse...

  • I don't know how old I am. I have conflicting documentation that proves me to be born in '77 and '78. Which is irrelevant anyway, due to me looking like I was born shortly after WWII.
  • I hate Harry. Lord of the Rings, isnt that a dance show ? Harry who ? Star Wars or Star Trek - I couldn't tell the difference. I am an outcast of society due to my indifference to all things roaming in the fantasy and sci-fi realm, I had a brief flirtation with the x-files but I'm putting that down to the wonderful Gillian Anderson.
  • I have a toad living in my new garden. Well, in the garden of my new house to be exact, the garden was always there. Well, at least as long as the house was, actually, in fact the house was always there too, or at least it was there previous to me owning it, whatever... I have a toad living in the garden of the house I recently purchased and moved into. I may eat it (the toad, not the house nor the garden), or at the very least, lick it as part of an 'if-all-else-fails' native indian fertility ritual.
  • Ironically, in consideration of this blog at least, I come from a criminally fertile family. I am 1 of 8 children, my siblings are parents to 17 children & my father is also 1 of 8. And no, we're not a clan or tribe of mad rabbit worshipping gypsy fornicators, just Irish Catholic.
  • I avoided hurricane Katrina by days, totally oblivious as to what was going on around me as we married in New Orleans in August two years ago.
  • While not a very seasoned traveller I have managed to lay my head down to rest in Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt and the US of A. Later this year I hope to add Sweden or Denmark, next year Italy, while India and China are on my longer term wish list.
  • Brown bread makes me hiccup. Thai & Indian flavours rock my world.
  • I wanna be a Dad, & I wanna be a good one.


metaDAD said...

good stuff.

Martin said...


I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging caper. Great fun reading them anyway, thats for sure.

Thanks for reading.

eagerblogger said...

NOw, I'm getting to know more about you. You can be a good dad, just don't try too hard when the time comes or you'll overdo it. :) Don't worry too much. Worry will not take you anywhere.

Anonymous said...

What? No plans to visit Australia? We have perfect conceptual weather here, you know!