Monday 1 October 2007

The List: Happy Birthday To Me

Yep, yesterday another year passed, I am no longer a twenty-something, but a thirty-nothing.

I'm quite glad that it's finally come and gone, I think I fit myself better at 30 than 29.
Suits you sir !

That cheeky minx of a wife of mine has presented me with a hot air balloon ride which I'm looking forward to doing as soon as we get a chance.

The List, everyone has one, 'things I want to do by the time I'm 30', mine ain't looking in great shape....

Learn to actually play the guitar that I've now owned for years.
0 for 1
What can I say, I have no talent.

Parachute jump
0 for 2
Not entirely my fault this one, I started my current job around the time this was first planned and it was decided breaking my two legs 4 days before starting was not a great idea.
The 2nd planning has been postponed as a friend who wants to join me in this is getting married, and the crutches would clash with the bridesmaid dresses.
So this is still on sometime in the spring.

Hot Air Balloon Ride
1 for 3
I'm going to give myself this one, as I was in possesion of the ticket on September 30th, my birthday.

Learn to swim
1 for 4
Irony is a wonderful thing. Born and raised on an Island and now living in a country that is in danger of turning into Atlantis everytime it rains, and I can't swim. Idiotic.
But I WILL follow this one up if we get lucky with kids.

Be my own boss
1 for 5
I'm tempted to give myself this one also, not because I am, but because I don't want to be at the moment. There have been plenty of oppertunities in the last year but our priorities have been else where. I'm pretty sure this will resolve itself, but it's a bit further in the planning now.

I'm going to leave the list at this, as it's the most recent and realistic list, the one where I captain Ireland to world cup glory, win wimbledon, win an oscar, and marry Gillian Anderson is probably touching on the side of unlikely, and was most likely influenced by teenage hormones racing through my iron deficient veins.

So I'm giving myself a 20% reality score, and a 60% morality score, not bad, but no so hot either.

What are your 'thing to do before I'm...' and how close are you to realising them?


Craig D said...

Well, happy birthday!

Ah, to be 30 again. That was the year I got married.

I had a five year plan then.

Ah, well.

(I came here via dorky dad's blog, BTW)

Martin said...

Cheers !

Cool, new folk.

Funny how things go, 6-7 years ago I had a 5 year plan, now I'm frighteningly content with my lot, home, wife, careers, friends. Just the one thing missing of course.

I'm generally more mature than my peers when it comes to that side of things but with a real sense of mischief too.

I'll be checking out your blog(s) also.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday man!

My goal was to be a millionare by the time I was thirty. I probably could have done it, but I would have enjoyed nothing. I would have had to be alone, live in a spare room in someones house, walk everywhere, etc etc. My way of thinking has changed a lot since I made this goal in High School. I would rather live, laugh, love, and be broke than be a lonely boring millionare with nothing to show for it.

Martin said...

my sentiment exactly, although a few quid does come in handy...

Anonymous said...

I got one more year left, 29. I'll miss the 20's. Great times.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Welcome to the 30s!

You've accomplished more by 30 than I have ...

Martin said...

You may be surprised, I dont miss the 20s at all. I felt a bit too old to be in my 20s, so 30 suits me just fine.

Acomplishment is all relative, interesting though how different people measure it. and one things for certains, I'd swap places with you in a heartbeat.