Wednesday 3 October 2007


Pre 'Maybe' Tension.

I suffer from it, it starts on the Monday every 4 weeks, and lasts until Thursday or Friday when my wife informs me that this ain't the month.

The longer this goes on, the earlier it starts.

Oddly, this is the most anticipated few days AND the most dreaded. A peculiar bubble of silence covers our house for these few days, for the rest of the month we happily chat about our plans, but for these few days we seem to slide back into our individual shells, keeping our thoughts to ourselves, probably in fear of letting our doubts show to one another.

My wife has been a bit grumpy the last few days, maybe it's my version of PMT, maybe it's my PMT rubbing off on her and causing it. Maybe it's real PMT, I hope not. Who knows anymore, I surely don't.

We've done all we could this time around, and done it 'well'.

I'm not particularly religious, but I do think that nature knows best, and I hope whatever force that has determined our current situation feels it's the right time and thinks we are ready.

I certainly do.

P.S. - This really needs some lightening up a bit, eh? I'm gonna get me some knock knock jokes for next time round.


Joeprah said...

Hey M8. Just wishing you the best of luck. Sounds like a difficult time. I will do my best with stories about bowel movements to ease your pain. Talk to you later. Joeprah out.

Craig D said...

If you're referring to procreation, lemme tell you this:

I was 45 (nearly 46, actually) when my daughter was born. She's almost 4 years old now.

I had forgotten all about that period prior to getting the positive test results, though.

Instead of a Knock-Knock joke, maybe you some up with a Knocked-Up joke..?

Martin said...

Thanks. Actually your response makes me cringe about my entry in the first place a bit.
I'm making more of a drama about this than I should, I hate drama queens and feeling sorry for myself.
I get to jump into bed at the drop of a hat and there's no reason to think that it won't all come good sooner rather than later. So in fact I'm bloody lucky!
Thanks again and keep up the bowel movements...

Craig d:
Was that your first child at 45? Wow, genuinely I think it's a great age to become a dad, you have so much more experience and especially perspective about things. But from where I'm sitting now, if I've to wait that long, there's gonna be a lot of depressed readers...

If things work out I'll come up with 50 knocked-up jokes!

Unknown said...

Good luck man. I can't think of any jokes off the top of my head to lighten your load, but I did have a good bowel movement today.

Martin said...

Cheers. But not this time.

eagerblogger said...

What is a blog for? You can write anything you like to make you feel better. You can be as dramatic as you want to be. Primarily write to please yourself. :)

Martin said...

I guess you're absolutely right eagerblogger, I just have a loathing for self pity.

Anyway, onwards and upwards...