Monday 8 October 2007

My Wife

We've had a lousy couple of days, another disappointment leading to both of us getting in a right stinker of a mood at one stage or another. But, as has been the case every time up to now, after a few days the bad moods pass and the levels of optimism start to rise again, slower each time, but rise none the less.

It takes something special to cheer us up during this time but my overworked heart has just jumped a beat when I saw my wife do something she used to do a lot but I hadn't seen (or perhaps noticed) in quite a while.

...I caught her smiling at the TV....

Innocuous I know, a bit creepy even perhaps, but it really is a joy to behold when you see someone so special derive a goofy bit of happiness from something so trivial, almost childlike, which is so uplifting to see in these mediocre days full of commitments, deadlines, and schedules.

You'll never read this I expect, but I do love ya, you daft cow.
Thanks for everything.


Foreigner by Default said...

I've been quietly following your blog now and I just want you to know that I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) firmly crossed for you two.

It's all going to be worth it at the end, you'll see.

I hope you both have a lot oif those smiling at the little things moments along the way.

Martin said...


It is quite comforting to get a message like this.

Oddly this isn't the type of thing you can talk to your friends about so the release and the feedback from strangers is theraputic.

I'm enjoying your blog also, keep it up !

Craig D said...

Here you go:

knock-knock-joke .com

You're welcome.

Martin said...

hahaha, excellent.

That actually gave me a bigger chuckle than it should!

100 pages of knock knock jokes, gonna go through 1 a day until we have a successful piss on a stick session, if I run out.... 8-0

Joeprah said...

I am glad you notice things like that. It shows your optimism through it all. You will be fine my friend.

Martin said...

You know, I'm glad I notice these things too, brings things back to basics, why you are with someone etc.

I know it comes across as a right moan-fest here at times but I am generally very optimistic about everything, there is absolutely no reason not to be.

Anonymous said...

I have started at the very beginning of your blog and I have to say how much I love your honest writing. I could comment on each and every post, but that would take me a year or more and I would like to get to the current stuff!

I had to comment here though..... I REALLY want this to happen for you..... and its really uplifting to see that you notice the small things, those are the things that are really important.

I have everything crossed for you, including my legs, which is driving 4fthawaiian to drink! ;)