Monday 11 May 2009

Concurring with the Boomtown Rats

Due to normally being in a daze until they are almost over, I've never really had an issue with Mondays.

Today, I don't like Mondays. Today is cycle day 1, again.

Yep, again. For the 28th time.

There is something ridiculous about having used up all your fingers and toes for counting failed cycles on. When you've exhausted your testicles, penis, and useless manly nipples, and are patting yourself down in the search for sticky-out bits to count on, you should probably just stop altogether.

At the bus stop at least.

Exhausted is apt actually. Along with weary, weak, tired, spent, and any other of the many pitiful adjectives you can muster.

On the other hand, we'll get through this one - just, thanks to knowing we now have a shot at IUI again.

ET will start sucking on the Satan sweets from Wednesday to Sunday, a quarter of the previous dose. Hopefully her innards won't end up looking like something from Chernobyl again, and we can go ahead with the IUI this time.

In the delusional state of staying positive, all that would happen before the end of next week.

A fortnight from now, we could be pregnant.

Did you laugh manically at that line? No?

I did.


Jane G said...

"sucking on the Satan sweets"
Brilliant!! I'm on them as well this week. Oh the joys.

River said...

I will go to bed thinking "a fortnight from now, a fortnight from now.." and then I'll dream of babies for you and ET.

Ms. Moon said...

If I wrote down every curse word I know, would that help?
Probably not.
So I won't.
But I'm thinking them.
And I'll just say "DARN!" And get ready for the Day of Conception. Let's do this thing.

Veronica said...

Do you want me to laugh manically? Because I can if you'd like.

Fuck it.

Russ said...

You should have had Elvis Costello's "I hate Monday's" as the background music!

WhatAboutNovember said...

No, not laughing. (Though I did a moment ago while conceptualizing you counting "sticky out bits" at a bus stop.)

Not laughing at all though.

So sorry.

Sarah said...

Heres to hoping.

Anonymous said...

GD cd1's. I fucking hate them.

Mo said...

hoping for the best this cycle. I hear you on the delusion of staying positive. It's good that you laugh - better than the alternatives!

Hang in there.


Susanica said...

Hi Xbox. The changes they are making in the dosage of Clomid will make a very big difference. Until that first time they just had no baseline to compare to. Lesser amounts of the drug should also lessen some of of the difficult emotions ET experienced too. And since you'll almost certainly have just the right number of mature follicles we'll see how sending in only the "A" team to take stab at things (so to speak) will work. Onward and upward! -Monica

Ed said...

Here's to hoping your fortnight turns into 40 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I think I've been at that bus stop.

So sorry this isn't happening right for you both just now.

Blues said...

The important thing is that you know why you are laughing manically. You haven't fully lost it. All of your faculties are still working.

I laugh manically for reasons unbeknownst to me, sporadically throughout the day.

Liz said...

Here's hoping they sorted out the dose this time and you get your shot.

Sas said...

cycle day 1 for me too. How awful is this. So great that you've IUI to look forward to. Good luck coping this month.

James (SeattleDad) said...

It's positive that you are still making progress, even if it doesn't feel like it sometimes.

I'll be rooting for you again.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I'm appropriately gutted.

I can only hope for you, again, and I'm not manically laughing (much as I'd like to be) but I will if it will help.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I hope the sweets taste of chocolate. If not ET should definitely be given chocolate to gulp them down with.

Tara R. said...

That you referenced Boomtown Rats put you at a whole new level of awesomeness. Good luck finding suitable sticky bits.

Heather said...

Really hoping this is it! Good luck and hang in there!

A Free Man said...

Lets say you guys get pregnant this cycle. Do you think that means that you owe Sir Bob a certain debt of gratitude? If so, will you be required to christen your spawn with some ridiculous rock star fruit name? Lychee? Satsuma?

G said...

Glad you guys had a relaxing holiday, and really hoping that this cycle is the one. Good luck xx

Martin said...

@Jane G - Evil things.

@River - You might as well.

@Ms. Moon - Bring lemonade.

@Veronica - Go for it.

@Russ - Nope, Boomtown Rats all the way.

@WhatAboutNovember - Thanks.

@Sarah - Screw hoping.

@Christa - Yep, yep, yep.

@Mo and Will - I suppose it is. Mostly.

@Susanica - I'm a bit tired of things 'making a difference', not a big enough difference obviously.

@Ed - It probably will, just not the right way.

@hairyfarmerfamily - 'just now' hahahaha.

@Blues - A nutter who knows he's mad is still a nutter.

@womb for improvement - or she gets my shot, rather.

@Sas - Sorry about that, best of luck. And welcome...

@James - bless your wee cotton socks for perseverence.

@bsouth - go ahead.

@Jo Beaufoix - chocolate flavoured clomid. another one for the patent office...

@Tara R. - as rubbish as they were, that is one brilliant track.

@Heather - thanks.

@A Free Man - Don't worry, I wont take all your favourites.

@G - Thanks.

C said...

I am sick and tired of what life is doing to u guys... I am planning to send my lucky reiki card to whoever wants it..i know its stupid, but heck, I want this to work for u ppl..

Que? said...

Oh dude I so hear you. This royally sucks. Also, I have noticed how everyone is taunting me with pregnant bellies. Do you get that too? Everywhere I go, someone has a basketball shoved down their top. The nerve of it. Bastards.

I Am Emily... said...

I leave you words of encouragement and virtual hugs and good luck vibes as I have done before, I hope you arent getting sick of them because thats all I have to offer. If I had anything else I would give it to you guys. Sorry I'm not much help.

Anonymous said...

so glad you're getting a shot at IUI again and so soon! and stop feeling yourself at bus stops!!

Sniffle said...

Not at all xbox, best of luck now. And like Gerry said about the RA, the nappy rash hasn’t gone away you know. Keep the faith. Am I allowed say that I knew you before the Pat Kenny thing?
People are already asking me “ Has he changed? “ , or “ Any truth in the Celebrity Banistoir rumour”. Help .

AnnD said...

I am right there with ya on Monday's. All of my bleeding with my 2nd and 3rd pregnanices this year have happened on Monday's! I greet each Monday with trepidation. But, I hate seeing another CD 1 listed on your blog. I hate CD 1! I still pray for you and ET! It's all I can do from way over here! We're thinking of you guys!

Anonymous said...



meabh said...

Sorry guys.Even though I think you probably felt things wouldnt work this month you never lose hope.
I dont like mondays or CD 1. But I do find CD2 is way better than CD1. On CD2 it has sunk in that last month is over & you have a brand spanking new fresh month ahead. And even better is that there is a plan this month. Best of luck with the IUI.

Martin said...

@Chhandita - Thanks, I'd prefer a good book for the specialist's waiting room though ;-)

@Que? - I think you may be hanging around with some cleptomaniac sports fans.
But yeah, sucks.

@Tanya - Thanks, mind yourself.

@geeksinrome - yes, at last, hopefully...

@Sniffle - Who won that for a finish? That Limerick bit or Derek Davis?

@AnnD - Take care.

@Deno - I beg your pardon!
Oh wait, I get ya.
Yeah, bollox.

@meabh - You always think it might be the one, that's the killer. There's no way NOT to.
But yeah, we have assistance waiting for us this time anyway.

Anonymous said...

Eh. So very many CD1s over the past two years. *Shakes head sadly* Rather like being whacked by every paddle on the spinning mill-wheel of Fate.

As ever and always, my fingers are crossed for you.

Martin said...

@nutsinmay - yeah, too many cd01s.

Que? said...

Are you telling me that nobody else is pregnant, its just all a basketball conspiracy? I think I'd prefer that.

Martin said...

@Que? - I'm happy to believe that!