Sunday 16 March 2008

Sad Sunday, Shouting, & 100

==Sad Sunday==

I hate Sundays. Always have.
This one brings us the not so surprising, yet tormenting news, that yet another month has been a failure.

Shouldn't be surprised considering the results of this week but we still had hoped for that outside chance. Not to be. So begins cycle 12.

We've told some friends about what's been going on, I'm not so sure about their reaction but for me it's a relief not to have to hold my tongue so much anymore.

I don't know if ET is happy about this or not. She says she feels exposed. I can understand that, I think, but I hope she talks to her friends about it, it can only be a help, right?

I don't want to push, or pressure her, but I think my frustration and impatience is doing just that to her. I just don't want to let you down any more than I already have.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to jump start our progress with a specialist, i.e. get in touch with one. Hopefully the regimented Dutch system will allow us to go ahead and not force us back through the painfully slow 'everything via your GP' route.
Wish us luck.

Well that's enough of the serious stuff, and not a testicle nor blind lesbian joke to show for your reading efforts.


I've added a few blogs to my reader this past week or two, you should check them out if you haven't already.
There's "there's never a line for the men's room" which is quality over quantity but nice and self deprecating, and I loves me a bit of self abuse.

Then there's A whole lot of nothing which is worth the visits for the beautiful pictures of their wee girls alone.

Also, Fuse Moms is a well written blog, a good mix of funny and sweet...and Lyssa has been to Holland, the poor woman.

Magneto Bold Too is probably the funniest woman blog I've come(note correct spelling) across. Foul mouthed and unsympathetic, and Australian, which makes her Irish really. Probably descended from criminals but it takes all kinds, eh?

I've been getting braver and braver and checking out the Immoral Matriarch. She scares the shit out of me, but makes me laugh & pity her husband.

It seems that people really take pity on subfertile idiots like me and give them stuff.
I've been given 2 bloggy type awards from BusyDad and from Kelley at Magneto Bold Too.

These two are weird and cool seeing as I haven't got a bull's notion what I'm actually doing.
Thanks guys.

Then Kim at Frog Ponds Rock created an award and gave it to me. Frogs are my second favourite thingys after ducks so this is really cool.

Also, I must point out that she gave this as award for my masturbation incident, which I think we should highlight as something that isn't rewarded often enough.


Now, if you're still awake, listen up.

I'm a couple of posts off 100, I couldn't believe it when I noticed that. As I'm am lazy (No sperm jokes you pricks), I want to mark this post, yet I can't be arsed coming up with any ideas.
This is where you come in.

Leave a comment or drop a mail with an idea for my 100th post and I'll go with one (or maybe more) of the best suggestions.

Anything you wanna hear about? see? ask? Be as creative and as weird as you want. Remember I have no more shame left so I'm game for anything.


MarĂ­a said...

Fuck yes. I'm totally famous.

Doodaddy said...

I hate Sundays too, for oddly similar reasons.

Congrats on the awards. How come I never get those? Oh, right -- now I remember!

Take care,


Lyssa said...

Aww, you made my day Xbox. Thanks for the kind words. Here's to fruitful boinking next month! ;)

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

Aniversary posts are always tricky.

Jeff did a good one once:

Our Crooked Tree said...

LOL! I feel the same way about Immoral Matriarch but I can't get enough of her! Good luck with the 100th post!

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I deserve it.

Ideas for your 100th... You've already taken the good ones:

Infertility -check-
Bumpin' uglies -check-
Sperm -check-
Masterbation -check-

How about pretty flowers and puppy dogs as an idea? That falls right in line with your theme.

Anonymous said...

I am not Irish, nor a criminal, but apparently I have a lot of different nationalities in my genetic makeup. Then I fornicated with a Hungarian Jew. So my kids stand no chance.

Thanks for the shout out. And for NOT calling me nice or cute or something equally disgusting.

And for that 100th post, all about me baby, all about me! It is only right you know.

Veronica Foale said...

Another month, another cycle. Sucks.

Aren't you supposed to do 100 things about you for your 100th post?

Miss Awesome said...

hmm month twelve... well 12 is a lucky number right?

And thank you, I am quantity over quality :)-

Miss Awesome said...

oops, I meant the other way around.

Hubby said...

I think you have to go with the traditional "ask me anything" route for the 100th post.

Momo Fali said...

I think it's good you told some friends. Maybe you'll be surprised to find that some of them have been through something similar and can offer advice.

As for the anniversary post...well, I skimmed right over my own because I couldn't think of anything special, so I certainly won't be of any help to you. Sorry!

Martin said...

@Immoral Matriarch - I'm thinking ahead, your celebrity status will get you off when you flip and batter your husband to death.

@DooDaddy - You got a kid damnit.. greedy git.

@Lyssa - You must have had a pretty quiet day... there'll be plenty of bonking, it's fruitfulness remains to be seen.

@Tiff - Is that advice? Cuz I really don't think that would work.

@Dan - I think I just won't bother. managing expectations and all that.

@Our Crooked Tree - Merci Beacoup!

@A whole lot of nothing - hmmm...I can't quite see myself with the pink and fluffies...

@Kelley - You're a mongrel then, basically.

@Veronica - there aren't 100 things about me, I've counted.

@BMP - Is it? lucky for who? Egg buyers?

@Hubby - I think asking me anything is pretty pointless. I've crossed the point of too much information a LONG time ago.

Who are ya? you're all shiney and new... welcome.

@Momo Fali - I certainly hoping that telling them will help.

Thanks all.

Karen MEG said...

Sorry to hear that this cycle didn't work. But it is easier once you can talk about it... you'd be surprised to find out you're so not alone with this.

And I'm with the others about your sample stats... that's only one cycle, and it can be affected hugely by a lot of things like stress etc. Another may be quite different.

Good luck with the specialist route. Hopefully you won't have to venture too far down that route, but even if you do, science does help miracles happen (have you seen the how many photos of my wonderkids on my blog ;)

And congrats in advance on your 100th post. Hmmm, subject matter. I know you've posted about your side of the whole infertility thing. How does your wife feel about your blog? And it can be total fabrication ... I'd love to read about it even if it were a big fat lie (I'd be hanging off every funny word).

Cheers, my friend. Congrats on the awards too.

Martin said...

Hi Karen,

thanks for the well wishes, they're very much appreciated.

I'm going to have to have a deeper look back on your blog now to find the kiddy magic stories (if they are there ?)

as for the wife ;-)
She has an open invitation to join in here, which she hasn't taken up (yet).
All this is very personal obviously so I TRY not to give away too much of her on here. That has to be her choice.... But oh! the stories I could tell ;-)