Sunday 2 March 2008

Sunday Shouts

A wee bit of round up time now, firstly a quick shout out to BusyDad who's going all big time on us, prepare to be sitting your toddlers down in front of his cartoon series every morning in a couple of years. Until that inevitable happens, you can follow the Busy Dad Tales right here!

Aussies tend to be a bit mental, none more so than Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, I'm yet to work up the balls to ask her what the name's all about but that aside she's blessed me bloggily with a bloggy blessing.It's a wee wooden Buddha meant to bless me what Kim believes I should be blessed with. Splinters.

Thanks Kim, the thoughts are very much appreciated.

Educate me! I want you to tell me what are the blogs that I should be reading, for information, advice, but mostly for a good belly rumble. If you leave a link I pwomise I'll check it out. Go on, pwetty pwease?

Some advice for YOU...don't ever, ever, EVER, even under pain of death, watch the movie "Flood" . If men come and threaten to take your children away unless you watch it, let them go, they're strong wee blighters and you can make more anyway. The film is THAT bad.

In fact I think it's left a smell in my DVD player.


Anonymous said...

My brother's blog is pretty cool, but don't tell him I said that

Arjan said...

Dan's right, Sam writes funny stories, he can be put under 'strange ozzie's'' at the moment ;)

Had a good laugh overhere. I'll most certainly be back.

groet'n uut Grunn ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Xbox! I appreciate your thinking grand for me. I'm thinking any newspaper in podunk USA would be beyond great. Ok, maybe merchandising. Even bootleg merchandising...

Martin said...

@Dan - I've checked it out, and even left an unfunny comment somewhere or other.

You guys ARE adopted right?

@Arjan - See above.
Een nederlander !
Niet te geloven, ik ben noit verder noord dan zwolle geweest maar Gronigen staat op mijn te doen lijst!


@Busy dad - I'm just whoring myself, I'll latch onto the coat-tails of any good thing

Good luck with it.

Momo Fali said...

Well, mine of course! Though the belly rumble it'll give you probably won't be laughter, but rather nausea.

Busy Dad rocks!

And, Flood can NOT possibly be worse than Daddy Day Camp, which we watched last night. That's the last time we let the nine year old pick the flick.

Karen MEG said...

A movie starring Robert Carlyle that stinks? What's the world coming to?
And just so ya know, you may not have to swap that bro is about your age, has a 7 m.o. girl, and his games room (Xbox, Wii, PS2) is his salvation. I'd say it could coexist with the nappy rash ... keep the name and the Xbox.

Tara R. said...

Thanks for the warning. Living in Florida, I try to avoid anything that involves floods.

Martin said...

@Momo Fali - I'm a half step ahead of ya! I started paying proper attention to your blog just earlier this week, and I'm still coming back so, it's all good!
Daddy Day Care is at least meant to be a bit corny, flood was meant to be a "". Well, it got 2 of the 3.

@Karen Meg - It sucked. sucked so bad I felt like Id been blowing balloons all evening.
Any chance your brother would swap the 7 m.o. for an Xbox?

@Tara.R - WE live in Holland, mostly under sea level, and I'm telling you, I would rather face a real flood than that movie again!

NH Yocal said...

Hilarious reference to the movie...that must have been one bad movie to leave a stink!

Anonymous said...

Have you been to Magneto Bold Too?
Funny funny funny.

This one is good for infertility issues but beware, it has some sad stories of loss too

Martin said...

Melinda - it WAS THAT BAD. So so SO bad.

Tiff - I'm off to check them out!