Friday 26 October 2007

In The Zone

Much to my surprise I woke up today and discovered that it was Friday. How'd that happen then?

It's Amazing what keeping busy can do for you.

Anyway, we find ourselves back in the 'end zone' of the month, 5/6 days or so away from a bag of emotions like a stiletto up the backside or, well, I dunno what the opposite would be like, but I presume it'll be good....It better f$%*ing be !

Also good and surprising to note is that the insane panic and anxiety hasn't quite kicked in yet, and long may it remain at bay ! (cue mental breakdown over the weekend)

I've impressed myself to see that I'm down 7 kilos in as many weeks, which means that this baby making diet, exercise and 'how's your father' sessions are having some benefits. Of course there is the downside, I haven't got the stength to make a bloody fist most of the time I'm so shattered. But heh, I won't complain, cuz I'm a gettin' plenty !

So, the fact my human coil is racing towards emaciation from attempting to make a new one(cup of irony anyone?), what else is new? - Nothing, absolutely squat, and that's the way I like it.


Joeprah said...

Congrats with the diet! Cute pic, we just got a new kitten today...there is a cup of irony for you!

Martin said...

Actually they make me sneeze, even this picture does.

**must not make an allergic to pussy joke, must not...**

eagerblogger said...

Wow! I'd like to lose a bit of weight too. I'm just too lazy to exercise lately :(

Martin said...

Well this time of year it's difficult to be motivated to exercise, and I'm sure that difficulty is tripled when you've two daughters to run around after.

As naturally lazy as I am, I've always enjoyed strenuous exercise, I actually find it's addictive, the adrenaline that rushes through your body when you've run faster or longer than before is a great feeling.

Craig D said...

I'd dearly love to drop (quite) a few kilograms myself! Best of luck "in the zone", my friend.

Martin said...

Cheers, the only thing I can judge on is the wife's moods, and she hasn't bitten my head off JUST yet so fingers crossed.

As for dropping the kilos or pounds, it can be done by anyone. My own tip, as long as your diet isn't hideous, with some good amount of fresh fruit and veg, all anyone really needs then is exercise. But I ain't no doctor....

NH Yocal said...

Hearing kilos makes me chuckle...gosh for a second I thought I was reading about drugs. Sorry...anyway, love your blog. Very honest, very cute, very manly.

Martin said...

Hey Melinda,

Thanks for the nice comments, much appreciated.

Cute, honest and manly eh? I'd have my doubts on all 3 but it's genuinely great to know that you like it.

keep coming back !