Sunday 23 March 2008

Sunday Shouts & Pinkification

While Spencer is having a well deserved rest for a while, I'm gonna catch up on some housekeeping.
Last Sunday I linked to some blogs that I had started reading and enjoying.

Dozy prick that I am, I left out three.

So here they are...

Missives From Suburbia has compact posts, and great photos which keep me coming back.

The King & Queen at Married Leos are always good for a chuckle, a nice mix of topics and I love the husband/wife team blogging thing. Cool stuff.

Thirdly, probably the nicest guy in bloggy world, even if he doesn't believe my sperm number crunching, is Jason at Roth Family Adventures. Now, not only did I forget to include this last week, but he make me look like a savage tit by posting this. So now it just looks like I'm sucking up to him, but I'm not. Honest. It's a good blog, as can be proven by reading this.

Aside from making a fool out of myself by omitting the above, I've been showered with pinkyness this week.

Melinda of musings by melinda zook fame created a 'Zooktastic' award and passed it to me.

I doth my cap in your direction oh pink one.

Then Tiff at the Three Ring Circus went a bit stir crazy and gave me two awards 2 days running. Both of which are also very

I don't know is it the revelation that my semen is about as useful as tits on a bull or what, but people are getting all Pink on me.

I'm a man damnit. Honest.

Thanks folks for the great reading, cool awards and the comments you all leave. They are all very much appreciated.

I'll be back with a Spencer update tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love, appreciate it. Stop by anytime. Keep up the great writing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the awards!

Jason Roth said...

Thanks for the shout. Much appreciated. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you and Spencer. After the pep talk you gave, we're optimistic for you and ET. Have a great day.

People in the Sun said...

It's hard to find a bull's tits, but with practice it becomes a second nature. Now I can do it with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back.

Our Crooked Tree said...

well deserved awards; I certainly love your stuff

Anonymous said...

I think I'll take mine back after the didgy comment you left on MY (not my husband's) blog.

Deb said...

I'm blushing!!!

Thank you, my dear.

Veronica Foale said...

Yay for awards!